Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have been watching England play in the World Cup and will most likely be watching on Sunday when they play Germany. It is at 10am here I think so the kids will be overjoyed that they can't watch Spongebob Squarepants. Although depending on how the game goes, I may wish I had been watching Spongebob Squarepants.

At first the UK seemed to think that qualifying through the Group Stages would be easy. It wasn't though was it? It was quite boring watching the England games. (Even watching the USA V England game in a garage waiting area surrounded by Americans does not add anything to the experience!) They build themselves up so much and the Press say how great they are and then when they don't meet expectations then the same Press then rip them to shreds. I can just imagine the front pages on Monday's papers.

One game I am going to try to make a point of watch is not a World Cup game but will be Wimbledon. I love watching the tennis. I am appallingly bad at it myself but I love watching it. There is one solitary Brit left in Wimbledon this year. Andy Murray. I like Andy. He is accused of being grumpy and hating England but I don't think either of those descriptions are true. I think he is extraordinarily talented and I believe he will win several, if not all, of the Grand Slam events at some point in his career. Today he played his 2nd round game and the Queen was there watching. She hasn't been to Wimbledon in over 30 years. She left straight after Andy's match and having a chat with him and his opponent Jarkko Nieminen. I may have to watch the next Murray game online via ESPN but I will watch it.


  1. hi sarah
    i just saw your blog and i really like it, it's great! :D
    greetings, carrie

  2. I shall be watching tomoz, sadly there will be no spongebob to flick over too should the game not go out way.


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