Monday, June 14, 2010

This is only clean title I could think of!

So. The car. It is a pile of poo. It is a big, stinking pile of poo. But then again so is Pep Boys. I am NEVER using them again for anything even remotely related to a car we may own.

I admit we have had a few problems with the car since we got it but nothing has gotten me so angry as the past few days. As I mentioned before we had a problem with the brakes and were not able to use the car to drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, N Carolina. We, and by that I mean Ben, dropped the car off at the garage on Sunday just before they shut. On Monday he sat there for 3 hours waiting for a quote! Eventually he managed to leave and we used a rental car to drive to Great Wolf Lodge for our vacation. We were due back in Atlanta on Friday afternoon. So the garage had the car for a week. They also had my cell phone number and Ben's cell phone number. We carried on with our vacation and drove back early Friday afternoon ready to drop off the hire car and pick up our car. Just before he left for the garage Ben phoned them to make sure all was well and we could pick up our car. After all they had had it for a week and we had not heard anything from them. It must be fixed. You'd think that wouldn't you? Nope. Not fixed. Not a single thing had been done to it! Nothing had been done in a whole freaking week!! They realized on Tuesday that they needed another part. Did they call us to let us know? Nope. Did they get the part? Nope.

So instead of heading off to Indiana we stayed with Paul and his family again. They were supposed to call us back on Friday to let us know what was going on but they don't. There have already been at least 5 occasions when Ben has called and they have said they would call back and they haven't. Isn't this wonderful customer service?

Me and Ben go in to see them in the morning and they say it will be done by 1pm. The car had actually been sat in the parking lot when we arrived. We ask them at least 4 times if they have all the bits they need and get them to write down that it will be done by 1pm. We head back to the house and get all our stuff together. Saturday is the day of the England V USA game in the World Cup and Paul is going to watch it at a friends house so we say our goodbyes and pack our stuff in the hire car and head to the garage. We get there just before 1pm. The car is up on a lift but no one is working on it. Is it fixed? Lets find out. We go in. "Is it ready?" we ask. "No" they say. There is another bit they need. It will be done by 1.30pm. So we wait. 2pm comes and goes. Still nothing. Ben takes K to a nearby Publix to get some snacks for our journey back to Indiana. There is still a chance we could drive back on Saturday. I stay at the garage as I want to make sure they work on it. 4pm comes and goes and I am absolutely livid. I had spoken to someone when we arrived and made it plain that I was not happy. I then spoke to someone else a little bit later and it was very evident that I was now angry.

They ask Ben to pay at about 3.30pm and they give him a huge $35 off the bill. Isn't that nice? That makes up for the inconvenience, lack of customer service, lousy service and being generally crap.

They finish working on the car and it comes down off the lift and they test it. Brakes still not right so it goes back up on them again and finally comes down again about 30 minutes later. Ben test drives it. I test drive it. Then the guy Ben initially had dealing with, I think he is the manager, comes over and asks what I think, if I am happy with it. That is the final straw. I am very calm and I say no I am not happy but it will do and I want to leave and never see him ever again. I explain, calmly, how angry I am and how completely rubbish I think the service has been and how I am NEVER using Pep Boys again. He then starts going on about how he was off for 2 days to which I say does no one else know how to work a phone? Did it not cross anyones mind to call us? He then says he came back on Thursday and he got the part needed himself, he paid for it out of his pocket. Well isn't that nice of him. Did he not think to phone us on Thursday or Friday?! I get out the car and give Ben the keys and walk in to the waiting area to get the kids. I don't want to say something that may result in me getting arrested. I get the kids and pile them into the car. We shift over all the stuff from the hire car to our car and I follow Ben to the rental place. It is shut. We leave the keys in a drop box and head back to Paul's house. It is now way too late to leave to go back to Indiana. It is a 9 hour drive, without stops, and we would not get home till about 2am! Even though I am sure we have overstayed our welcome they let us stay another night with them and decided to leave for home early Sunday morning. We were in the garage waiting area so long I actually managed to watch most of the England V USA game. I actually screamed GOAL! at the top of my lungs when England scored just to piss everyone off.

We left Atlanta at about 9.30am headed back home. We had lunch in Nashville, Tennessee and drove on. We finally got back to our apartment at 9.30pm after a quick stop at Kroger to get milk, bread etc. The kids were sweaty and tired. Me and Ben were sweaty and tired. Our car does not have decent A/C so we suffered a bit. I have had a little vent here and I now feel a little better but I am writing a letter of complaint to Pep Boys too. The manager guy said that he would give Ben a refund to his debit card this week. He didn't say how much it would be but that he would call him to let him know it was done. Ben quickly said, "No I will call YOU" Their track record does not bode well for them calling us.

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