Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation - Part 1

We went on a vacation last weekend. We had a final destination but first we stopped off to visit Paul who is a  friend of Ben's that he had not seen for about 12 years. They went to BB together in Northampton and Paul now lives in the US with his American wife and their 2 young sons. They live just outside Atlanta, Georgia so we decided to drive down, yes drive in our car, to see them for a few days before we headed off on the rest of our vacation.

We drove down Indiana and then through Kentucky and into Tennessee. We stopped in Tennessee for a break and went to Ruby Falls. Paul had recommended and it got us out of the heat of the day. Z was not too sure about it to start with but K was very excited. At the end there is an amazing waterfall and no one knows where the water is coming from.

As we began to head back out of the caves, Z was now enjoying himself but K wanted to get out. She did manage to make a large group of  people laugh though. There are occasions when you have to squeeze past other groups of people and whilst K was doing just that she said, very loudly, "But we have to squeeze past all these people. And I don't like it!"

We left the caves and got back in the car and continued on to Georgia. We stayed with Paul and Staci for Saturday night and Sunday night. On Sunday we went to visit Georgia Aquarium. Z loves sharks and was really excited that he was actually able to touch one. We also got to touch a stingray! We wandered around the rather impressive aquarium but then it should be as it cost $94 for the 4 of us to get in!

We also saw a Beluga whale and Z had a rather in depth conversation with a man about different whales and sharks and what they eat! If he does not work as a paleontologist then I can see my son becoming a Marine Biologist!

Sometimes I feel a bit torn about Aquariums like this. I feel the same about zoo's. As much as I love to see the animals/fish I can't help but wonder if they would be better off in the wild. I know I would never get to see some of these amazing creatures if they were in the wild but it is difficult to know what is best.

As we drove back to Paul's house the brakes on our car began to fail. This is Sunday afternoon and we are due to drive to Charlotte, N Carolina the next day. We stop at a gas station and Ben gets some brake fluid. There is none left in our car and the parking brake alarm is constantly beeping at us. Luckily we manage to get back to the house and Ben and Paul get the car to a local Pep Boys garage for them to fix it. It turns out they can't get it done in time for us to drive the car to N Carolina so the decision is made to leave the car there and pick it up on Friday when we come back to Georgia. We get a rental car to get to N Carolina. The car is left at the garage and as there is a whole week for them to fix it we leave content in the knowledge that we will come back to a working car......

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