Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation - Part 2

We leave Georgia and head through S Carolina to get to our destination in Charlotte, N Carolina.

We briefly stopped for lunch but made reasonably good time in getting to Charlotte. As Ben had waited for 3 hours for a quote from the garage in the morning we had not left as early as we wanted to. The drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, N Caroline takes about 4 and a half hours.

After seeing a huge bottle of ketchup on our drive along part of Route 66 we managed to see a huge peach on the drive out of Georgia! This is just not something you would see driving along the M1 in the UK!

It was night when we arrived at Great Wolf Lodge and we were all exhausted but we were happy to be at the hotel and knowing that we would not have to drive again for a whole week.

Great Wolf Lodge is a water park and the kids spent most of the week in  their swimming suits. There are slides, wave pools, outdoor pools, water games and fountains. There are lots of things to keep you entertained. We had gotten a meal package in our booking so we did not have to worry about our meals. We didn't have to worry about room keys either as the wrist bands we were given to get into the pool also acted as a room key. We could also use them to pay for things during the stay if we wanted to and would just need to settle the bill when we checked out. The kids could also get color coded wrist bands that would be used to determine if they were big enough to go on some of the water slides. Z and K got yellow ones which meant they could go on one of the bigger slides. By having the band it saved time at the top and having to stand against measuring boards.

There was one bit that had a rope pull type thing above and floats below that you had to walk over. After seeing several adults not being able to manage it I was a bit surprised to see K taking a crack at it. She actually managed to get completely over and was very pleased with herself. I was very impressed!

There was an evening Storytime that K went to a few times. You were to  go in your pjs and with a teddy and listen to a story. She really enjoyed it even though she really wanted to be chosen to turn the pages of the book. Each night there was bout 80 kids sat in their pjs clutching teddy bears of varying descriptions. She did managed to get a hug from Wiley the Wolf though. The music and songs that they had before the story were very similar to songs from The Lion King and I had to stop myself from humming along with the wrong song! Luckily I think most of the kids would be too young to realise the similarity.

During the week we ate loads and did not watch any tv. Ben had told the kids that they couldn't watch any television as we had not paid for it. To make sure they bought it he unplugged the tv set so they couldn't get up super early and try to turn it on! Luckily they were more interested in getting their swim suits on and getting in the pool.

Z's favorite bit was the wave pool (no pics of that unfortunately) but he also seemed to enjoy the view he had with all the girls in bikinis! He pretty much always had a smile on his face. (He also has a loose front tooth that we are waiting to fall out. The new one is growing behind it)

We finished up our week on Friday and headed back to Atlanta to pick up our car, drop off hire car and head back home. At least that is what we were expecting to happen. We thought we would get home late Friday night....

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