Friday, July 23, 2010

Heat Index

I am sure if I was looking at a map on the UK for today it would not have the same colors as this one does! I think I will stay indoors today with the kids and enjoy the A/C. At the moment (noon) it is 88°F but feels like 98°F!

I've taken the kids out on their bikes already this morning. Thought it wise to get out early before it got too hot for them. They went round the block a few times. Z, who absolutely hated it when he first got his bike, was zooming around the place. He was brilliant. Even when he fell off his bike he jumped up, put his arms in the air and shouted at me "I'm alright!" (I was further down up the street with Katie) Z's balance has improved a lot and I can tell his confidence has too. I don't think it will be long until we take the training wheels off his bike. Ben has a friend coming to see him today after work and they are going out on the beer in Broad Ripple and are crashing at a friends house. He expects to back in the afternoon tomorrow so we can all go to Rock the District.

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  1. Yup it's over 90 in Chicago and very humid. The dog's ill with it.


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