Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot and Busy Days

It has been a bit warm and sunny here recently. I believe it has also been a bit warm and sunny back in the UK recently. I think this may even have been the first year in ages that play at Wimbledon was not interrupted by rain. (Not sure if it is nice in the UK at the moment though!) I check the weather report most days to see what is in store and today there was a 'special weather statement'. (There have been these before but I have not blogged about them.) 
So, today we actually have 2 special weather statements. The first warns us that it will be hot and humid today and the second warns of strong thunderstorms on the way.

I think if there were to be these kind of alerts in the UK, it would primarily be that the weather was grey, damp and drizzly.
I went to lunch yesterday with the kids and some other Expats. We went to Muldoon's on Main Street in Carmel. The kids were actually well behaved and ate most of their food. I think I will take them again but will also take Ben with me. I managed to park the car near the pub and under a tree so there would be a bit of shade. Cut to 2 hours later and the kids and I get back in the car to go home. I look at the temperature and it confirms what we are already feeling. It is hot! That's right. It says the temp is 104°F!
Today I have been quite busy. Started off with the usual laundry and breakfast dishes. Then on to completing my Tax Return for HMRC. Always a joy! Next was composing some sort of document to put forward our case for being sponsored for GC sooner rather than later. After that my brain hurt so I messed around on Facebook for a while. Once I had done with my farming etc (haha!) I started writing ingredient lists for the meals I want to make over the next week. I am actually only about half way through that and have 2 cookbooks to go! I also have had to take Z to get his new fandabbydozy glasses from the opticians. They are so much better than his old NHS pair. They are lighter to start with and the lenses are thinner. They also have an anti-reflective coating on them and are transitions lenses so there are sort of like sunglasses. They are also not boring frames. They are Nike frames! An almost 7 year old boy with a pair of $600 glasses!! 
I still have to complete an application to renew my passport. I'm not going to be able to send it off until I have my picture done and I am not doing that until I get my hair cut and colored again next week. I need all the help I can get to look decent in my passport. In my current one I look like I am falling off my chair!


  1. Yep, play was indeed uninterrupted at Wimbledon - I swear it's the roof. Now they have that, it'll never rain there again! lol

    The weather isn't that great at the moment - not up here in bonnie scotland anyway. We're getting lots of lovely rain tomorrow. Ick!

    I don't know if I could cope with the heat over there. Do the kids cope?

  2. Love that British tendency for understatement. "It's a bit warm".
    At least it's a little cooler today.
    Z looks pretty cool in his new glasses. Kinda makes me want to get new glasses.


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