Thursday, July 29, 2010

Indiana State Fair

The kids go back to school on August 10th and the Indiana State Fair starts the weekend before. I've already said we can go out for a special 'back to school dinner' next week but I think they would probably like to go to the State Fair too. I have never been to one before so have no idea what it will be like. If anything it would be a new experience for us all and an interesting day out. The information on the website says tickets for adults are $8 and kids under 5 are free. What about kids over 5? I wonder if K could pass for being under 5? She is only just 5.


  1. Holy cow! If it's anything like the Oklahoma or Texas state fairs (which I assume it is), you're in for some amazing food and some jaw-dropping people watching! Take a camera. And lots of $$$.

  2. You're back to school when? Wow - that's early. Re- the 5 thing. Just make sure you duct tape the child's mouth! Mine always used to argue with me when I did that!

  3. They broke up for summer on May 27 so going back to school has been a long time coming!

  4. I vote for State fair over dinner. My friend and I have been taking our kids since 4 they are 18 now they still come with us because they have 10yr olds borthers.....Walmart has discount tickets bands for the midway worth getting if yr kids like rides. Keep yr eye on the paper I saw some deal that if u buy the bands u can get free admission.. There is also a fair train that goes from Fishers very fun for the little ones....hope u have a fab time we always do...

  5. Every year there is usually a big ad in the paper with a coupon for free admission on one day. I think the deal is on Tuesday this year. You'll need the coupon from the paper. Sometimes they run a deal that you get free admission if you bring an empty Pepsi can (recycling). That will be on whatever day is sponsored by Pepsi (if they do it). By the way they serve only Pepsi products at the fairgrounds. It's not called the Pepsi Coliseum for nothing. lol...
    If you have a 2 seater stroller, I suggest you take it. The fairgrounds is huge and they (and you) will get tired of walking.
    Look at the state fair website for the schedule of events. There will be different events/animals at different times. For instance, I love llamas and they are there only the first weekend. The major animals like cows, pigs, and sheep are there throughout. Certain buildings have a/c so you can spread out your visit by going into those buildings at strategic times.
    I always look forward to the fair. It is the highlight of my summer. Sadly it also means the end of summer. Fan them on FB and you will get more info. They have been giving away freebies and you can ask them questions.
    Fair food is to die for and another reason I love going, unfortunately if you ate a steady diet of it you probably would die!

  6. Oh how I loooove the State Fair! I didn't ever experience a Fair before moving to Indiana and I've been hooked since going to my first one 9 years ago. I go several times- sometimes with kids and sometimes without.

    5 and under is free.

    The Fair is very social media tech this year! I follow on Facebook and Twitter and I Foursquare as well and will be checking in at various buildings around the Fairgrounds. Plus, I downloaded their new app on my Droid (phone) and am eager to play around with it!

    I hope you enjoy it- some go just to see animals and eat anughty food. I used to be one of those- but then started to discover all the ways that the Fair really highlights a lot of the culture and people of Indiana and I tend to enjoy that stuff way more than just walking around with fried, sugary junk.


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