Wednesday, July 28, 2010


How many people have their OH call them to make sure that they are not in jail? Mine just did that very thing! Apparently he had a collect call from someone in Hamilton County Jail and he was to 'press 1' to accept the call. He hung up and then called my cell phone. He seemed relieved when I answered as I was the only person he knew that could possibly be calling him collect! I quite confidently said that no I am not in jail! I hope the person who made the collect call does actually get through to the right number!


  1. That was my immediate thought since apparently they're only allowed so many calls. If your OH had picked up, he would have wasted the caller's call.
    And - glad you're not in jail too.

  2. Be careful with that Sarah. There is some scam where an inmate will call a random person collect and somehow get you to pay for their porn call or some other long distance call. I forget how that scam works exactly. Don't answer any calls that say they're from the jail.


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