Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18

Today I turned 34. I don't feel 34. I feel like I am still in my mid 20s. This was the first birthday I have spent in the US. I have had a few other birthdays abroad but this is the first in America.

It started well when I was taken out last night for a meal with a group of friends. I thought it was just going to be me and Ben but I was pleased to find out that we would be joined by Sian, David, Lisa and Rob. We left the kids with Sian and Davids son Oli and we went to an Indian restaurant called The Amber. I ordered the chicken jalfrezi and asked for it to be spicy as I like hot food. Ben ordered chicken tikka and asked for it to be medium as he is not that keen on hot food but is getting better. He used to always have kormas. David ordered a vindaloo and I must admit I have always been a bit scared to eat one of those as I thought it would be too hot. As it turns out Bens meal was the hottest, followed by mine and I thought Davids was quite mild! Very odd but very nice. Once we had all done eating we went for drinks at Woodys before getting back home around 11.30pm. Oli managed to survive babysitting for us so I think he won't go running for the hills if we were to ask him again.

On Sunday morning I got a lovely long lie in and got up and dressed at about 9.30am. When I got up there was no one else in the apartment so I opened my cards and gifts that were in the living room by myself. It turns out that Ben and the kids had just gone to get milk and were back about 5 minutes later. Once we all had had breakfast we went out for a bit of fresh air. Ben went on his rollerblades and the kids went on their new bikes. It was very humid so we all got very hot and sweaty. K fell off her bike 3 times but each time she picked herself up and got back on again. Z, who usually does not like cycling, did really well. He managed to stop himself before he crashed into K and also managed to manouvere around a tree without falling into it. They both have training wheels on their bikes but I don't think it will be long before they are taken off.

We got back to the apartment, had a drink and cooled off a bit before we headed to Castleton Mall so I could use my Macys gift card that Sian and David had given me. I thought it would be a fairly uneventful trip to the Mall but it had a few unexpected turns. The first came when I was wandering around the home section of macys. Z's loose tooth finally fell out! It had been loose for a while but it finally fell out while we were looking at waffle irons! (I did buy a waffle iron too)

Then we went down to Borders to get the kids a book as a reward for doing so well on their bikes. As we were walking towards the bookstore I noticed that the Hallmark store had a very interesting display. Now bearing in mind it is still July, I was not expecting to see this...

We headed back to Carmel so I could got to Kohls and spend the gift card that Lisa and Rob gave me. Then it was on to Old Navy and Target so I could use the giftcards I had gotten for myself.

Once I had made all my purchases we went to Red Robin for a meal. As we have the Red Royalty card I got a free burger and a birthday smoothie. (We actually got 2 birthday smoothies so it was a double bonus)

We ended the day by coming home and having birthday cake. All in all it was a lovely day. I got loads of lovely messages on my Facebook profile page and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

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  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

    I'm all about the kormas, by the way, wimp that I am!


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