Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming and Meeting

The kids have been going to the Monon Center for swim lessons this week. They started on Monday and are going every day until tomorrow. Z has his lesson first and K has her lesson right after. On the first day Z seemed a bit apprehensive and not at all like the boy I usually see around a swimming pool. His instructor Sarah was great with him. She made sure he was at ease in the pool as best she could and afterwards came and spoke to me to see if there was anything she should know about him and his swimming abilities. Z said the water was cold and that is why he acted the way he did! After talking with him, and bribing him to do better in his next lesson, the next 2 lessons went a lot better. After tomorrows lesson he will be going on Tuesdays after school so I hope he will continue to do well. K on the other hand was champing at the bit to get in the water. She got bored very quickly waiting with me for her lesson to start. Sarah who was Z's instructor was also who K got. There was a change on technique, due to the age of the kids and their experience and abilities but it definitely worked for the kids. K was volunteering for everything first and was showing no fear in the water. She was the one I thought would be apprehensive about it all but she does love to prove me wrong.

The lessons this week are being held outside so sun cream is very important. I forgot it on Monday so on Tuesday I said I would use the one we have in the car. Only problem with that is when we got there on Tuesday I discovered that there was no sun screen in the car! K now has a rather pinky/red face and darker shoulders and arms than she did at the weekend! Z does not have a little white line around his hairline anymore after getting his haircut last week. I made a point of putting a bottle on sun screen in my bag before we left this morning and I smothered both of them in factor 50 before they went out to the pool. When we got back to the car this morning just after 11am the temperature was apparently 104°F!

Yesterday Ben had a meeting at work that would mean he would miss his bus home so I had to drive in Indianapolis to pick him up. I hadn't driven in Indy myself and if I am honest I hadn't paid a lot of attention when Ben was driving there. I was not fully aware of the one way streets and the lack of parking spaces! Bens office is near Conseco Fieldhouse and unluckily for me there was an Indiana Pacers game on so the car park opposite his office had the parking charges ramped up. I ended up driving to an Arbys and parking there and walking back to the office. The reason I walked back instead of having Ben rollerblade down to where we were? I was going to be meeting his bosses Rob and Liz. That was just what I needed after a stressful drive round the city trying to find a parking space, dealing with 2 hot, tired and bickering children and the 3 of us having spent over half an hour in a car with no functioning A/C! I was a bit sweaty and my choice of color for my top (light blue) was not my best choice! Well, we met them and it went as well as can be expected when you meet people in the street. Z showed them his new tooth and his cut on his toe. K then ran around the place chasing him. I nothing else then at least they know we actually exist. Ben later said that Liz had mentioned that she has about 500 emails that she has not read and it got him thinking that the one I sent the other week about green cards may well be one of them. So in the next few days I am going to send another email saying it was nice to finally meet them and I'll try to casually mention the last email I sent. You never know, it may get them to look at it and see what can be done. I can dream can't I?

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