Friday, July 9, 2010

Well, it's gone. Now we wait.

 I sent an email this morning with a Word document attachment. It took ages to write and loads of research on the t'internet. It was a very important email and now we have to wait for the response. It has been sent to Ben's bosses. It is basically asking them to sponsor us for green cards. I outline why we want them to do it and what the advantages are for it. (Advantages for both them and us but mainly us!)
It costs a lot of $$ to apply for a green card and it can be very complicated. There is one matter that needs to be clarified first and depending on what that turns out to be, will have a bearing on everything else.
Fingers crossed they agree with our points and agree to sponsor us. It does not mean that we would never be back in the UK. Of course we will visit. We have friends and family there and we still want to see them. (They can also visit us here)
I will update here as soon as I know anything. I hope it will be with good news.


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