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I have had my 2nd bit of volunteering madness confirmed today. I am volunteering in September at the Concessions for Carmel Dads Club as part of the deal for K doing cheerleading. I am also now volunteering every Tuesday morning at the Media Center at the kids school! I am getting out and doing stuff. If I'm not allowed to work then I'll volunteer. I have to do something or I'll lose my mind! All I am waiting to hear about now is volunteering in K's kindergarten class.

Birthday Boy

Today my little guy turned 7. I do find it hard to believe that 7 years ago today I was high as a kite on drugs in hospital waiting for him to be born! This has been the first time ever that he has been to school on his birthday as it usually falls around the August Bank Holiday weekend. So this morning we needed to get up early so we could get his birthday cards and gifts opened, sing Happy Birthday, let him blow out the candle on his cake and have breakfast before getting the school bus at 7.40am. We managed to have just enough time to squeeze it all in before he left for school. I think the fact the K assisted him in the opening of all of his gifts sped up the process somewhat!

He had his name announce on the PA system at school and he got a birthday ribbon that he was still wearing when he got off the bus at the end of the day. He got to play with his new toys after doing his homework before we had to dash off for his swim lesson which was quickly followed by the Thursday practice …

All American Kids

My kids were both born in the same hospital in Northampton. The same hospital their dad was born in. They are English/British and have had quite a lot to get used to since we moved to the US last year. Besides their accent changing and them developing quite good tans from the extraordinarily hot summer we are having, they are getting involved in activities.

The 5 year old blonde terror is now a cheerleader and as of yesterday evening, her brother (who turns 7 tomorrow!) is now a Cub Scout! We are taking him to get his Scoutuniform at the weekend and when we have it I will post a picture of the two of them together.

K was supposed to be getting a new cheerleading uniform as the one the girls got was the wrong color, but it looks like they will have to make do with what they have.

Also K wants to join the Girl Scouts so we are going to Registration after cheerleading next week.

So with swimming lessons, cheerleading, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts you can just call me 'Mommy Taxi"!

Florida V Oklahoma

Today was the first time K was cheering with her squad at a football game. It was Florida v Oklahoma. It did look like it would rain for a while but luckily it held off and we got through the game without needing to get out umbrellas. The game went to overtime and the Gators won. K had a great time cheering and running around like a mad person.

The uniform will be getting changed before the next game as the blue is the wrong shade of blue. It is supposed to be a dark blue. I was 'snack mom' for the first game and managed to get some drinks and snacks fo the girls which went down well. I shouldn't need to do it again unless the team make it to the playoffs.

It was a new experience for us and I think it went well! K is back to practice on Tuesday and will hopefully get her new (permanent) uniform.

Florida Gators Cheer Practice

Last night K had her first proper cheer practice with her squad. She does not have her pom poms or uniform yet. I am assuming she will get it at practice on Thursday as she has a game to cheer at on Saturday. I can't get a few of the cheers out of my head now though. The one that has really stuck is the 'Awesome' cheer! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome, Awesome, To.ta.lly! Not bad that K can now spell awesome and victory though considering she is only now learning how to spell at school!

Once we were done with cheering we went back to the Elementary school for a meeting about Z possibly joining the Cub Scouts. I had a few reservations about him joining, mainly due to somethings they believe I do not. However, I spoke to one of the leaders and I was very candid with some of my concerns, and we left with a lot of information to read. If we decide to let him join then we can return the forms next week at a Pack meeting being held at the school. This meeting starts at the same time as K…

Cheer Clinic

Today K went to her first ever Cheer Clinic. It was hot and humid out there and ordinarily I would have expected her to wilt in the heat, but she loved it! She was really in her element and she tried so hard on all the cheers. Even though she has only just started school and can't really spell anything, she was learning cheers that required her to spell out words like awesome and victory! She's looking forward to her next practice on Tuesday. The football game that was supposed to be tomorrow has been cancelled. I am assuming this is because of the heat and the fact there is supposed to be thunderstorms.

How Hard Is It?

How hard is it, on the 2nd day back to school, to get your kids on the school bus on time?! This morning I got the kids out to the bus stop 2 minutes before the bus was due. At least I thought it was 2 minutes before the bus was due! We stood there waiting for the bus and we waited. I noticed there were no other kids around. Then I glimpsed the bus through the trees. Unfortunately for us it was headed in the opposite direction! We'd missed it. Cue a mad dash to get the kids in the car and their seatbelts on, me dashing back to the apartment to lock the door and then back in the car to get the kids to school.

Even though it wasn't even 8am yet it was already feeling very hot and humid. We got to the school 5 minutes after we left the apartment. We got there before the school bus and as the kids can't go into school before 8am we waited outside until the bell went signalling them all to go in. The kids found the whole thing all very funny. I didn't find it quite so amusi…

They Made it Home Together

Well both kids managed to get the correct bus home together. Z's teacher did call to ask me how he was getting home as he had said he didn't know. They both seem to have had a good day which is always good!

Back to School

Well they are gone. Ben is on his way to work. Z & K are on the school bus for their first day back at school. Z is now in 1st Grade and K is in Kindergarten. K was up early and running around in circles as she was so excited about her first day at school. Me? I am sat in the living room enjoying the silence. I think I will enjoy it for about another 10 minutes and then start doing some cleaning and getting sorted before the kids get back at 3pm. I hope they have a good day and make some friends. I hope they will be able to tell me all about their day but sometimes getting information from them is like trying to get blood from a stone!

Indiana State Fair visit

On Saturday morning we were up early and out the door by just after 8am so we could get the train from Fishers to the Indiana State Fair. The kids loved being on the train and spent a good 5 minutes or so saying "chug a chug a choo choo!"

Once we arrived at the State Fair we got on the shuttle service to go around the Fair so we could see where everything was and what we would want to see first. The area it covers is huge and there was lots of things the kids wanted to see. K kept saying she wanted to get off the shuttle so we could go and look at something but we did a complete loop before getting off again.

First thing we saw was the pigs. The area they were in was really smelly but the pigs were so clean! I have never seen such clean pigs before! After looking around and all the pigs and piglets we headed off on a general wander around the place with no clear idea where we were going or what we wanted to see.

There are lots of food choices at the State Fair. Some of them ar…

Kindergarten Orientation

Last night I got to sit in Carmel Elementary and be given information about the new Kindergarten year and what we need to do and what K should be prepared for. We missed having that information when Z started school as we arrived at the end of October and he started school the 2nd week of November. It was helpful to know what happens and have lots of information upfront. I was given an information pack from K's teacher. Well a class aide as her teacher is currently on honeymoon as she got married last weekend. She will be at the ice cream social on Monday so K will get to meet her then. There was little 'spirit wear' stall and I am thinking about getting the kids a 'Carmel Elementary' t-shirt or hoodie when we go to the school again on Monday. (I picked up the price list so I know how much $$ to have with me) We were spoken to about the PTO and I lost count of all the times it was mentioned that we could volunteer. I was planning of volunteering in the library and…


I have filled out the form and now I just need to send it off with the registration fee of $50 and the $75 fee for cheerleading. Before you fall off your chair laughing, no I am not going to be doing the cheerleading, K is. She was looking at some YouTube videos yesterday and some pictures of cheerleading outfits and she said she would do it. I found there is a Cheer Clinic next week at Carmel Dads Club  and there is a KG-2nd Grade group (K's age bracket) so I contacted them and have had an email telling me what to do. I think there is also something held at Carmel High School in January that I am going to keep a look out for, depending on how K gets on with the first lot of cheerleading of course. Now all we need to do is find something for Z to get involved in. They will both have 4 weeks of swimming starting this week and that will probably continue for another month or so after the current batch of lessons. As part of the deal of K doing cheerleading with Carmel Dads Club, I h…