Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have filled out the form and now I just need to send it off with the registration fee of $50 and the $75 fee for cheerleading. Before you fall off your chair laughing, no I am not going to be doing the cheerleading, K is. She was looking at some YouTube videos yesterday and some pictures of cheerleading outfits and she said she would do it. I found there is a Cheer Clinic next week at Carmel Dads Club  and there is a KG-2nd Grade group (K's age bracket) so I contacted them and have had an email telling me what to do. I think there is also something held at Carmel High School in January that I am going to keep a look out for, depending on how K gets on with the first lot of cheerleading of course. Now all we need to do is find something for Z to get involved in. They will both have 4 weeks of swimming starting this week and that will probably continue for another month or so after the current batch of lessons. As part of the deal of K doing cheerleading with Carmel Dads Club, I have to commit to volunteering. You can pay $25 in lieu of volunteering but I think it would probably be good for me to get involved in volunteering. It would help me meet people and get out and about more. I am a painfully shy person at times and I need to force myself to get out more and meet people. By moving to another country where I knew no one in the town where I would be living, has forced me into a corner and I need to put myself out there more. I am going to hand in a form at the Elementary school on Monday, when we go for the ice cream social, saying I will volunteer in the library a few days a week. Yesterday I submitted my sample column for the local community newspaper (I don't think anyone who does a contributing column gets paid so there should be no issue with regards to my visa). See, I am doing stuff. Now I have to get off the computer as K wants to look at more cheerleading stuff!


  1. Hi, i just started reading your posts yesterday and couldn't stop but i've finally finished today with the minor drawback of the fact i look like a zombie because my eyes have been glued to my laptop screen LOL :D Random i know but i'm wanting to move to America (Texas or Wyoming) myself eventually and reading your blog has shown me that living in the states is not daunting at all. You and your family seem like such lovely people, you've got such an act for writing and you always have something funny to say in almost all your posts. i'm always searching on the internet for blogs or posts of british expats living in america but can never find any until i came across yours (yep me, an 18 year old girl, googling the internet trying to find blogs on expats... pretty sad ;D) i know my big essay has nothing to do with this blog post so i'll stop rambling but i'll just let you know please don't stop posting i love reading your blog on how you deal with daily life in the USA. Ps hope k kicks butt at cheerleading, i'm sure she'll be great at it bless her xxx Raveena

  2. Finding those activities is so much fun!

    I love that you are making the effort to put yourself out there. And I'm so glad you posted on MomsLikeMe and that I found your blog through your siggy!


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