Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Florida Gators Cheer Practice

Last night K had her first proper cheer practice with her squad. She does not have her pom poms or uniform yet. I am assuming she will get it at practice on Thursday as she has a game to cheer at on Saturday. I can't get a few of the cheers out of my head now though. The one that has really stuck is the 'Awesome' cheer! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome, Awesome, To.ta.lly! Not bad that K can now spell awesome and victory though considering she is only now learning how to spell at school!

Once we were done with cheering we went back to the Elementary school for a meeting about Z possibly joining the Cub Scouts. I had a few reservations about him joining, mainly due to somethings they believe I do not. However, I spoke to one of the leaders and I was very candid with some of my concerns, and we left with a lot of information to read. If we decide to let him join then we can return the forms next week at a Pack meeting being held at the school. This meeting starts at the same time as K's next cheer practice finishes and it is the other side of town! Z said he wants to join as the Scout leader I was speaking to told Z all about the fact they go camping and a few other things that Z really wants to do! We have some thinking to do as it is not just a commitment that is needed from Z, there is also a commitment needed from me and Ben.

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