Saturday, August 21, 2010

Florida V Oklahoma

Today was the first time K was cheering with her squad at a football game. It was Florida v Oklahoma. It did look like it would rain for a while but luckily it held off and we got through the game without needing to get out umbrellas. The game went to overtime and the Gators won. K had a great time cheering and running around like a mad person.

The uniform will be getting changed before the next game as the blue is the wrong shade of blue. It is supposed to be a dark blue. I was 'snack mom' for the first game and managed to get some drinks and snacks fo the girls which went down well. I shouldn't need to do it again unless the team make it to the playoffs.

It was a new experience for us and I think it went well! K is back to practice on Tuesday and will hopefully get her new (permanent) uniform.

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