Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Hard Is It?

How hard is it, on the 2nd day back to school, to get your kids on the school bus on time?! This morning I got the kids out to the bus stop 2 minutes before the bus was due. At least I thought it was 2 minutes before the bus was due! We stood there waiting for the bus and we waited. I noticed there were no other kids around. Then I glimpsed the bus through the trees. Unfortunately for us it was headed in the opposite direction! We'd missed it. Cue a mad dash to get the kids in the car and their seatbelts on, me dashing back to the apartment to lock the door and then back in the car to get the kids to school.

Even though it wasn't even 8am yet it was already feeling very hot and humid. We got to the school 5 minutes after we left the apartment. We got there before the school bus and as the kids can't go into school before 8am we waited outside until the bell went signalling them all to go in. The kids found the whole thing all very funny. I didn't find it quite so amusing. Luckily I still have the car and could get them there on time. Not sure what we would have done if I didn't have the car.

Tomorrow morning they are going to be at the bus stop well before the bus is due. I do not want a repeat of this morning. Tomorrow evening Z has another swim lesson 5-6pm at the Monon Center and K has her first cheerleading practice 6-7pm at Badger Field. Notice the times? Then on Friday K then has Cheer Clinic 6-8pm and I think on Saturday she has her first football game to cheer at. The K-2nd Grade cheerleaders cheer at the 2nd Grade tackle football games.

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  1. This is one of those things I fret about when I start thinking about dealing with busses and such next year! We have a hard time getting out the door on time now and there aren't any bus schedules as part of our morning!


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