Friday, August 6, 2010

Kindergarten Orientation

Last night I got to sit in Carmel Elementary and be given information about the new Kindergarten year and what we need to do and what K should be prepared for. We missed having that information when Z started school as we arrived at the end of October and he started school the 2nd week of November. It was helpful to know what happens and have lots of information upfront. I was given an information pack from K's teacher. Well a class aide as her teacher is currently on honeymoon as she got married last weekend. She will be at the ice cream social on Monday so K will get to meet her then. There was little 'spirit wear' stall and I am thinking about getting the kids a 'Carmel Elementary' t-shirt or hoodie when we go to the school again on Monday. (I picked up the price list so I know how much $$ to have with me) We were spoken to about the PTO and I lost count of all the times it was mentioned that we could volunteer. I was planning of volunteering in the library and I may also volunteer to help out in the class once a week too. I may find myself very busy if I do that, take kids to their swim lessons, take K to cheerleading and volunteer at the concessions at cheerleading! So much for becoming a lady who lunches! I have also just this minute received an email from the school saying there will be Girl Scout Registration being held at Carmel Middle school one evening soon. I think that may be a bit much for K to handle. School, swim lessons, cheerleading and Girl Scouts?! Might be best to just leave it as it is at the moment.

Tomorrow we are going to the Indiana State Fair then Monday I am taking the kids to the school again for the ice cream social.

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