Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have had my 2nd bit of volunteering madness confirmed today. I am volunteering in September at the Concessions for Carmel Dads Club as part of the deal for K doing cheerleading. I am also now volunteering every Tuesday morning at the Media Center at the kids school! I am getting out and doing stuff. If I'm not allowed to work then I'll volunteer. I have to do something or I'll lose my mind! All I am waiting to hear about now is volunteering in K's kindergarten class.


  1. No work permit yet? I'm trying to remember how long it took to get mine, but can't. Maybe a year? I do recall that's how I ended up working for myself - I started selling stuff on ebay!

  2. Ah - they have you now. You might think you're volunteering till your work permit comes through but trust me, these schools are very clever at roping parents in. I'm there almost as much as my kids are.


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