Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bobcat Badge

Z joined the Cub Scouts a few weeks ago and last night he got his first badge, the Bobcat Badge. He also got a buckle or something (I admit I don't know exactly what it is) for marbles! I totally forgot he had played marbles when we went for the information evening but the Scout leaders remembered and the awarded him something for doing well at it! The pictures are a little blurry as they were taken on our cell phones and there was a lot of people at the Pack Meeting so a lot of people moving around and nudging each other.

 Oh and in other news, it seems that I may have volunteered myself to be a Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts! K wants to join and when we went to the information/registration evening there was only K and one other girl from the KG classes at their school so we needed to get some more girls to be able to form a troop. Now it seems there is at least 5 girls who want to join and we are going to have another meeting next week to complete the registration. Someone else might of course volunteer to be a leader but at the moment it is looking like it might be me! What have I let myself in for? I never put myself in situations like this! What is it about being in the USA that has made me get involved in cheerleading, Boy Scouts, PTO volunteering at school and now Girl Scout Troop Leader?! Should I be medicated?

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