Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boy Scout Popcorn

This may seem a rather odd request but, if you live in the US and would like to help Z reach his goal selling Boy Scout Popcorn, please go to this web page and place an order. He has an individual target to reach of $340! He's 7 years old and has to sell $340 worth of popcorn!!

I remember when I was in the Brownies and Girl Guides all I had to do was pay 25p per week sub money and that was it. I didn't have to sell anything. If I want to go on a trip or outing with them then I paid for it when I needed to! However it seems to be different now and fund raising is to be expected. When K finally joins a Girl Scout Troop, no doubt she will be required to sell stuff!

At the moment they only ship to the USA so family and friends in the UK cannot have popcorn delivered to them. I am not sure if you could place an order with a UK debit/credit card and have it delivered to us here. Another option for British family and friends is they could send us cash and we could buy popcorn that way. You know you want to support Z in his endeavors! Prices for all the popcorn are on his sales page. (The kids would certainly get through it!)


  1. Girl Scouts sell GS Cookies and they are VERY VERY popular. That's not till late winter/early spring. You won't have any trouble selling them. The popcorn...ehhh...not so much.

  2. The GS cookies are delish, They sell themselves! Only problem is when it's that time of year, we usually have 3 ft of snow. And GS won't let you sell 'em online, which is a bummer. People do though.


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