Friday, September 10, 2010

Colts & Scouts

This morning the kids headed off to school wearing their new Indianapolis Colts t-shirts. Their school is encouraging all the kids to wear blue & white or a Colts shirt to school today. The NFL season for the Colts starts on Sunday when they play against Houston Texans. The school are teaching the kids all about healthy eating and being active. Z has actually said he wants to watch the game on Sunday! K didn't seem all that fussed though. She was more concerned that I remember that we are having spaghetti for dinner tonight! Tonight is the first night this week since Monday that we will all be home with nothing to do. Tuesday K had cheerleading practice, Wednesday Z had his first Cub Scout Den Meeting (more on that in a minute) and K had cheerleading practice again last night. Tomorrow morning K has an early football game to cheer at so it is good that we will all be home at a reasonable hour to have dinner together. The kids have been getting to bed late this week and have not been so keen to get up in the morning for school.

On Wednesday we took Z for his first Cub Scout Den Meeting. It lasted an hour and Z had a blast. He had loads of fun with the other boys and got some of the steps accomplished to get his first badge. The Bobcat badge. His Den Leader is a policeman and I think he is also ex-military. He has a definite air of authority about him and the boys became aware of that very quickly. He discussed the "Go See It" field trips the boys will do. One trip has to be to a sporting event and I suggested taking the boys to see a game at Carmel Dads Club. It would be free and most likely very close to where the Den Meetings are held. The Scout Family Picnic is on Sunday and the Den Z is in is responsible for dessert. I think we will be taking bags of cookies or donuts!

In 2 weeks we sign the lease for our new place and we will have the keys from October 1st. Of course moving means packing again! It is almost a year since we packed up our stuff and moved across to Indiana from Northampton. So I guess it is good that I am not having to get it all into suitcases and fly across the Atlantic with the kids by myself! The day after we get the keys Z will be going to the Scout Family Camp Out with Ben. I will be staying at home with K as she will either have a football game to cheer at or will be going to the High School football stadium to cheer the Pups football team. She will get a special treat bag if she wears her uniform and some other bits and pieces. Also I am not a big fan of camping so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I am a fan of bricks, electricity and running water. I stay in hotels not tents!

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  1. Such a busy life! Kids are darling. Z looks like the Cub Scout poster boy with that big smile.


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