Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Once Upon A Time

A while ago, before we moved to the US, I used to make noises about wanting to be a writer. I even started to write a novel but I ran out of steam and lost interest. I even had a blog all about my writing. It has been deleted so you won't find it. It even had a fairly decent Google Page Rank and had lots of links to it and lots of regular readers. But I got taken up with moving over here and the writing took a back seat. That did surprise me a bit as I have a lot of free time so there really is no excuse for me not to write. I am not allowed to work here so I could spend a large chunk of time writing. I suppose at first I didn't as K was not yet at school and it wouldn't be fair to her if I sat on my laptop all day typing. She would get a tad irritated by that. Now, however, both my kids are at school so my days are free for me to do what I want. I volunteer at the school 2 mornings a week but that still leaves 3 days where I can write between 8am and 3pm. I actually started writing again yesterday and managed to get over 1,000 words done. The question is what do I want to write? A novel, a column for a magazine/newspaper or something about being an Expat or something else? In a dream world I would get a call from someone at Random House saying they have read my blog and would love to hear my ideas about writing something, or someone from a womans glossy magazine like Marie Claire saying they want me to write a column for their fabulous magazine. I think I really need to do something as I am going to eventually going to lose my mind. The good news is that I have started writing again and hopefully I will find the motivation to continue it. Who knows if I finish, whatever it is going to be, I could send it off to an agent/publishing house. You don't get anything in this life if you don't work for it. I need to work, and work hard! If anything was to come of it I could possibly qualify for my own visa and that would be awesome!

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  1. Argh! I just lost my comment.
    Anyways - Good for you that you're writing again as many people love the idea of writing a book and never do anything about it.
    I suggest looking around for either a writing course or a writers' group. Local colleges often let you attend just one course without having to enroll for a full degree. There are a lot of online courses too, which will get your juices flowing and give you feedback.
    it might sound dauting but the people are just fellow humans after all.


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