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Scout Family Picnic

Today was the Scout Family picnic for the Pack that Z is now a member of. It was at Cool Creek Park not far from our apartment. Z got his 'Class B' uniform which is an official Pack t-shirt and he wore it for the duration of the picnic.

It started with everyone doing the pledge of allegiance and future events being explained. Then it was food time. There was so much food! We managed to get the kids having a good mix of food by making sure they had a hotdog and fruit and vegetables before having a piece of the various cakes that were there.

After eating all the kids disappeared to the Creek. Or what there was of the creek as it was pretty dry as we've not had much rain for a very long time. Soon though they all began re-appearing with plastic cups full of creek water with different kinds of fish in them. Someone also found a snake and someone else found a turtle. They was lots of excitement and crowding round to look inside the cups. Z & K were not to be outdone and they also managed to catch a little fish. Z put it back in the creek and decided he would like to try fishing. I told him he will probably be able to do it at the Scout Camp Out in a few weeks and he is now really looking forward to it.

I overheard one of the boys who was walking with Z asking him if he had ever seen Big Ben. Z really simply "Yes" to which the other boy then asked "Is it really big?" to which Z looked at him and said "Yeah" as if to say 'why do you think it's called BIG Ben?' (I know that Big Ben is actually the bell inside and not the clock but Z didn't know that and neither did the other boy. I wasn't going to confuse them by explaining it all)


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