Friday, October 15, 2010

1st Grade Report Card

Last year when we moved over to the US, we put Z into 1st Grade. However, as Christmas drew near it was decided that he should be moved to Kindergarten as he was really struggling with the lessons in the 1st Grade class. He was also put into a Title 1 reading program that aims to help kids who are struggling with things like reading. After he was put into the Kindergarten class after the Christmas break Z started to thrive. He showed a real interest in reading and even though he struggled with concentration he progressed well in the class. In August he started 1st Grade, again. He was actually put in a 1st Grade class with the teacher he first had when he started at school in Carmel. Today he came home with his first school report card. There is the odd mention of concentration issues and not having a great attention span in the afternoon (who does?!) but in the whole it is a good report card. He is reading well, really well! He is almost at 2nd Grade reading level. He is good at writing, we just need to encourage him to write about things other than dinosaurs (he has said he wants to be a paleontologist so that interest may never go away!). He is also showing real promise in science and math! For his first report card of the year I am very pleased with it. He has done a few tests in the past weeks where there is a cut off that the kids should be able to reach and he has steadily improved his results and is above the cut off level now. He has been getting full marks in his last several spelling tests and his writing is really easy to read now. I am one happy mummy/mommy at the moment! I think my boy deserves a reward of some sort.


  1. Bless! With three kids at various levels in the school system, I am reminded how tiring lessons are each day. If adults had to take in that much new information every day (and demonstrate understanding), there'd be much wining, I mean whining!


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