Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drug Free Living

Yesterday the kids came home from school wearing badges that said "'PAWS'-itively Drug Free" and a flyer in their class folders saying that this week the school is focusing on 'living a drug-free life'. To support this cause they want the kids to go to school today, tomorrow and Friday dressed a particular way.

Today is 'Twin Day'. The kids have to pick a friend and dress in similar clothing.
Thursday is Crazy Socks Day.
Friday is Wear ALL red day.

Both Z & K came home yesterday saying they hadn't chosen a friend to twin with but K kept going on about needing to wear a dress to school today. I needed to get some black leggings for her to go with her Halloween costume, and a few other things, so I took them both to Target. I found a pair of simple black leggings but K spotted a sparkly pair of black leggings so we got them. Then she spotted a purple patterned dress (it may just be a long top with a frilly bit at the bottom) that she wanted to get to wear to school for twin day. The dress (or possibly long top)  was reduced to $4 so I wasn't complaining! In the end K decided she would wear the new dress/top and the leggings to school today. Z was not at all enthusiastic about twin day so he wasn't all that fussed about getting something new to wear to school. (I am going to get them both a pair of 'crazy socks' today for them to wear tomorrow. It is picture re-take day tomorrow but you won't see their feet in the picture so it doesn't matter what kind of socks they are wearing!)

Cut to this morning and I walk the kids to school. As we approach the school there are 3 girls who spot us and started shouting for K. When we get to them the girls are all giddy and excited and they all decided they are twinned with K. One decided she was K's twin as she had a purple top on and K has purple on her top/dress. Another girl says she is a twin because she has a sparkly cardigan on and K has her sparkly leggings! The third girl says she is K's twin as she has her hair in bunches just like K has! The bell then sounds for them all to go into school. K and her 3 twins all hold hands and run into school giggling. Z was standing next to me with a look on his face as if to say "what was that about?!" and "girls are weird!" He gave me a kiss and cuddle and then I walked into school with him. I had actually remembered to pick up the forms for picture re-take day so needed to go to the office. I am going to try and get a picture of K and at least one of her friends when I meet them after school later today.

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  1. As an ex-teacher, we didn't have all those dressing 'like' days, what a lot of work this gives you, but well done for coping so excellently!


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