Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gaming & Technology

I am taking a little break from writing about my kids wearing 'crazy socks' or the fact that the weather has now just started to turn cold. I am asking for opinions today. I am terrible with computers. Absolutely shocking. When I say computers I of course mean computer video games! I can just about handle playing the Nintendo DS and games on Facebook! When I take the kids to get their haircut at Cookie Cutters they play the Playstation and Wii there while they are waiting and whilst they get their hair cut. My hand eye co-ordination is not great so I generally don't play computer games. I have tried to play the Wii whilst at an event in the UK but was not very good at it. Also it is probably not a great idea to be sat on your backside playing computer games. Z has been known on occasion to disappear with the DS and not turn his bedroom light out until very late! I think if I was to get a computer game system it would need to be one that made them get up off their backside and move about.

I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show today and at the start of the show she was talking about the Kinect for Xbox 360. It seems pretty similar to the Nintendo Wii but you don't have to hold anything in your hand and it senses your body movements. I have also now seen there is a Playstation Move available to buy, but this seems more similar to the Wii as there is a handheld device with it too. It would appear that the gaming industry is moving towards keeping people moving whilst playing games on their gaming systems and I think that is a great idea. Kids should still be able to play on their computers but if they just sit still for hours then that is not going to be good for their health and they may develop weight problems. I have a weight issue of my own so I would definitely need a game console that only really worked if I kept moving! If you were in the market for a computer games console which one would you get? (please note I am not currently looking to buy a game console as can't afford it, just be good to know peoples thoughts about the ones out there now)

Whilst I have been on this technology fact finding mission, I have also discovered that there is an internet TV that you can get from Sony and Google! You can even get a 3D Blu Ray player! Of course you would only want that if you had a 3D TV! I suppose the next thing is 3D games consoles! There are not enough DVDs or TV shows available in 3D to warrant spending $$$$ on a 3D TV or Blu Ray player. Our basic DVD player is working just fine.

There is even a car that can park itself! I am not too sure I would be bothered about a car parking itself. I am not too bad at parking the car so would rather simply have a car not held together by gaffer tape!

There is even an internet fridge! Yep, you can buy a fridge that has a TV, diary and a list of food stored in it. What happened to the days of having a memo pad stuck by magnet to the fridge door? The way my kids adapt to technology they would manage to find a way to program it to say we need more popcicles or ice cream!

So on the day I win the lottery, I shall be buying all of the above!

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