Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's A Bit Wet Out

I am just back from the kids school where I have been doing my Tuesday volunteer stint in the Media Center. When we left for school this morning there was a tornado watch for our area. Always a good way to start a Tuesday! I walked the kids to school and then came home again to get the car and my umbrella as the storm was due to be hitting us around the time I would probably be leaving the school. Z was going on a field trip with the 1st Grade classes today so he was not going to be in school until the afternoon. K was not going anywhere so if anything happened I would be in school near her.

The storm hit a bit earlier than I expected it to and the school did a severe weather drill. All the kids were taken to safe places and in most cases were on their knees with their hands over their heads or were under tables in rooms with no windows. They stayed that way for about 20 minutes or so and I'll give the kids their dues, they did really well. I was near some of the kids and they stayed on the floor with their hands over their heads with their bums in the air for the whole time. Looking outside the wind and rain were whipping around really fast and the sky was really dark. When the storm passed and the kids all went back to class I went back to the media center for a few minutes and then left to come home. The school principal emailed all the parents to let them know about the drill the kids had done and to also let the 1st Grade parents (me being one of them!) that they had been in touch with the kids that were on their field trip and that they were all fine.

Good morning, CE Parents!
This morning, we did execute our severe weather procedures.  The students and staff did a wonderful job! 
We were also in close contact with our 1st grade teachers who were on a field trip at Clowes Hall.  They also followed the severe weather procedure in place at Clowes and are now enjoying the play.  We anticipate they will return to school approximately 30 minutes later than scheduled. 
At this time, students are safe and following our regular schedule!
Thank you,
Mrs. Klinginsmith

The storm has passed over us now but here is a screen shot from the local CBS station showing the radar picture for a little while ago. I don't think I have to explain that green is rain, yellow is a bit more rain and red is fecking shed loads of rain!


  1. Good for the children and that the children on the field trip were fine! I went through that storm bit by bit, on Skype, with my friend in Atlanta as it tore through her city. Very nasty indeed.

  2. We (Chicago) got the shed loads right as we were about to walk to school this morning. Even though we had our wellies on, my husband actually drove back from his journey to work to take us the three blocks we had to walk to school. The roads were all flooded and there would have been no way to get across the streets.
    Of course, almost as soon as we walked into the classroom it blew over!


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