Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kindness Doesn't Cost Anything

I read a blog post earlier that prompted me to write this. I am sure everyone has head about the Rutgers student who killed himself after someone filmed him with another guy. I am sure everyone has heard about the scary increase in suicides amongst young people. Youngsters are killing themselves because they are being bullied and feel they have no one to turn to or feel that no one will believe them or because they feel alone. No one is ever truly alone. There is always someone who you can talk to. Sometimes it may be hard but it is better to talk than to do something that later cannot be undone. My kids are only young but I am trying to teach them that they will never be alone and they can always talk to me and their about anything. Nothing they can do will ever stop us loving them. Nothing. Some people are mean. Some people don't think about what their actions may cause. Luckily other people, do think and do consider their actions. There is always someone out there going through the same thing. No one ever has to go through life alone. Everyone has feelings and those feelings need to be respected. I can try to protect my children from being bullied but I am not with them all the time. There will be times when they are not with me. I need to feel secure in the knowledge that the school/club/group/whatever they are involved in take bullying seriously and will act appropriately if they become aware of it. We can't place all responsibility on schools though. Parents need to act and teach their children that it is not acceptable to bully others. Parents also need to be aware of their own actions though too. If their kids see them being mean to someone else then their kids will think that kind of behavior is acceptable. We all need to do something.

Some people need a little extra protection. 
Some people need a little extra guidance.
Some people need a little more love.
Some people just need to be listened to.
Sometimes I can talk too much but my ears work just fine.

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