Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkins, Sandwiches and 2 Girl Scouts

Last night was the registration evening I had arranged for girls to join a  Daisy Girl Scout Troop. I started with 8 girls wanting to join and had 1 drop out last weekend. As that left 7 that was more than enough to start a Troop. (You need at least 3)

So K and I sat in the church and waited for the girls to arrive with their parents and sign up. And we waited. We drew some pictures and debated what colors we should make our flower petals. Then a girl turned up with her mother. This girl was a last minute addition as her mum had contacted me just before the meeting I had last week. They were the only other people to turn up. No one else showed up. So with K and this other girl being the only 2 who apparently wanted to join the Girl Scouts, there was not enough girls to form a troop. I sent out a final email this morning to find out exactly who did and did not want to join. If no one else does then I am going to have to try and find another way to get K involved. I am disappointed as K really wants to do it and I spent several hours yesterday researching what to do with Daisy Girl Scouts and planning possible Troop meetings for the next few months. I am disappointed that no one bothered to contact me to say they were no longer interested. I am going to feel rather foolish going back to the church to give them their key and say I no longer need to use their facilities for troop meetings as it is not likely that there is going to be a troop.

Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch Festival at Clarian North Medical Center which was also sponsored by RE/MAX Legends Group. It started at noon and we arrived just after 12 and it was already really busy. Each child is allowed to choose one free pumpkin to take home so K & Z had lots of fun choosing one each. The kids also got a free Clarian North polar bear toy. By the time we left at around 1.30pm there were lots of cars circling the parking lot looking for a space. I think we will still go to another pumpkin patch before Halloween. There is one at Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville that we will most likely go to.

We decided to head over to "Which Wich" for lunch. (There was free food and drinks at the pumpkin patch but the line was really long.) It seemed like we arrived in the middle of the lunch time rush. It was really busy and really loud in there. I'd never been before and had no idea what it would be like. The sandwich I got was really good but as I had jalapenos in it, it was a bit too hot for Ben to have. It was a bit of a novelty that you have to check off boxes on a brown paper bag stating what you want in your sandwich. The kids menu could have been a bit more diverse but K & Z managed to choose something they liked. As is normally the case there is still some sandwich left for both of them! 

Now we have 2 real pumpkins, 1 decorative pumpkin and 2 pumpkin trick or treat baskets outside our front door. We will carve something into the real ones but not just now as by the time Halloween comes around they'll be all gross and rotten.

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  1. I'm so sorry those other girls didn't turn up. I bet if you had made it to 3, you'd have found loads of others joining. Maybe on Monday you'll have lots of people saying they were sorry they couldn't make it, is it too late?
    I'm a UK Guider so it's different here as you know, but if this doesn't pan out, I am sure you will be able to find another Daisy group that would love a co-leader, it's usually getting enough adults that is the hard bit.

    Good luck!


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