Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Activities

If you tell your kids that you are going to take them on a road trip and that they are going to have a great time, I will bet that your kids won't expect you to tell them that you are going to be spending a lot of time looking at trees! As it is Fall/Autumn here now (not that the temperatures are currently reflecting that!) we decided to take the kids out to enjoy the scenery and drive down to Nashville, Indiana.

The day started with a visit to the joy that is the BMV! We both needed to update our drivers licences and also the car registration. We had gone in last weekend but as I am not allowed to work I needed to get a letter stating that I am not entitled to a SSN. I do have one but it is in my maiden name and the SSA won't update it to my married name as I have 'no valid reason' to require a SSN. I got a letter stating that I am not eligible to have a SSN when I did my written test last winter but now I needed a letter dated within the last 6 months. Cue Ben spending an hour and a half at the Federal Building in Indianapolis to get me a newer letter. We then arrive at the BMV early on Saturday morning and after about 30 or 45 minutes we leave after paying $10 each to update our licences, getting new pictures done (I also updated the weight as I have lost over 14lbs since I passed my test!). We will get our new licences in the mail shortly.

How could we possibly top that excitement? Well, we could go and look at some trees! We drove down to Nashville and on the way we enjoyed the scenery. I tried to take a few pictures on the drive down but some were a bit blurry. We were in a car moving faster than walking speed!

We had lunch at Muddy Boots Cafe and got some ice cream at Fearrin's Ice Cream & Yogurt Depot. I had a very yummy orange pineapple flavor. (lets all welcome back the weight I have lost!) We had a wander around the town and looked in some of the little stores. The kids did want to buy somethings but the ice cream seemed to be enough!

We then drove back to Carmel as we had been invited to a Fall/Halloween party by the parents of Dan who Ben used to work with. (They are the same people who welcomed us into their home for Thanksgiving last year just a few weeks after I arrived with the kids. They are a lovely family and have been lovely to us.) There was crafts for the kids to do. There was a treasure pit for the kids to dig in and find a toy. There was also a trailer ride for the kids. One thing my kids had the most fun in was the big pile of leaves. The leaves were dry and crunchy, not like the soggy wet ones we are used to in the UK. No worry of finding a pile of doggy poo in their either thankfully! We then had some food and let the kids continue to run around and wear themselves out.

We had spent all of Saturday out of the house and by the time we got home again we were all exhausted. Sunday was going to be a bit quieter and not quite so much travelling. All that we had planned was going to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis to see Skeletown, get the kids their Halloween costumes (K is going to be a blue fairy/butterfly and Z is going to be Spongebob Squarepants) and some other bits n pieces for Halloween as we want to carve our pumpkins and we need some candy for the Scout Pack Meeting on Tuesday.

The kids rounded off their day by having their swimming lessons. K seemed to be very taken with her new, young (male) swim instructor. Makes me afraid for the teenage years. Z managed to have a good swim lesson as last week he complained of not feeling well and when we took his temperature at home later it turned out he had a fever. This swim lesson however, her was 100% well and no complaints from him!

I rounded off my night by watching a bit of the Colts football game and the CSI NY I had recorded on the DVR. As much as I love writing, and I do love writing (you can probably tell that by the amount of gibberish I write on here sometimes) I also love a good mystery and trying to solve whodunnit!

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