Monday, October 18, 2010

Whodunit? aka TV Break

[This is not a sponsored post. Be nice if it was though. I'm kidding!]

As I'm not allowed to work I need to find something to do with my time. Being a 1 income family means that I can't simply go shopping and spend all of my husbands money. If I could I would shop till I dropped as I have seen so many things in stores that I would love to buy for our home and the kids. Usually during the day I can be found doing one of a few things. I will either be wandering down the Monon listening to the Chris Moyles podcast and trying not to laugh out loud and have passers by thinking I am barking mad. Alternatively I could be found at my kids school where I volunteer a couple times a week. I never volunteered for anything before. Not even for when I was at school. Well, except for that one mad moment when I suggested to my Head Teacher that our school have a Yearbook and he agreed! I would like to add here that that was the only time my high school had a Yearbook! Another place you could find me is in a grocery store buying food as I have discovered it is so much easier to shop when the kids are in school. That way I don't get to the check out and discover there are 4 boxes of cereal and several packets of cookies in the shopping cart!

I also read a lot of magazines and books. I have taken out several subscriptions since coming to the US as a little treat to myself. Obviously I can also be found online on Facebook or Twitter during the day. I do sometimes venture out to lunch with people which is always nice but something I can only do every so often, as again money is not endless. I also watch TV. There are some shows that I watch that I wouldn't let my kids watch and Ben has no interest in. I like working out puzzles. I like mysteries and trying to figure out whodunit. I have a collection of Agatha Christie books that are currently in a box in an attic in the UK and I am going to have to wait to see again

Maybe the fact that I like writing adds to the fact that I like mysteries and trying to work out who the bad guy is in crime shows. (That sounds a lot better than admitting I like the gore and blood!) So because it is usually only me that likes to watch these shows I tend to record them on the DVR and then watch back later when I am home alone. I think that some shows are done a lot better in the US than in other places. Maybe it is the money available for the shows or the fact that the US is so diverse that almost anything can and usually does happen. Some things are more feasible here than they would be in the UK. (Please don't ask for examples right now though!)

I watch Fringe and Eureka which are both very different shows but equally mind bending and I love it. Ben finds it really odd that I watch Fringe but never watched X Files! I also watch all the CSI shows, Vegas, NY and Miami but I have to say that the NY one is my favorite. I think that may be because I love NYC. I have been there several times and would love to go again. I went when I was an Exchange Student and I was one of the few students whose first language was English. I felt so at home in the city. We were told to not go to certain areas and lots of the students were wandering around with a rather apprehensive look about them but I was striding down the street without a care in the world and not obviously looking like a tourist with a big camera hanging around my neck! I want to take my kids there but am wondering if they are currently too young to go. If I was given some plane tickets and a hotel room in NYC I would go in a heartbeat though and would most likely take my kids. There is a lot of things they would enjoy and I think they would remember it. I feel privileged that I went up to the observation deck in the Twin Towers when I was there in early 1995. I still have my entrance ticket. It is in a photograph album with all my mementos from my year as an Exchange Student. Another show has just started that is also fueling my love of New York City. This show is called Blue Bloods and I love it! A family of police officers and the cases they deal with is just brilliant. If you had asked me 20 or so years ago if I would have watched a prime time TV show starring Donnie Wahlberg I would have probably laughed at you but he has built up a solid acting resume that I don't have any need to mention the career before acting. If I were to be a police officer (which obviously I am not a likely candidate) I would want to be a NYPD officer rather than anywhere else. Their website and look is a bit different to Carmel PD but they both do a fine job.

However, when I've had enough of working out who the bad guy is or if the world will be saved, I like to have a laugh and the best place to get that is in "The Middle". As it's set in Indiana it already gets my vote but it is such a great show. I really do laugh out loud when watching it.

Well that is enough TV talk as I need to go get my kids from school. Today has been productive for me. I wrote another blog post and I admit that I did watch Fridays episode of Blue Bloods and CSI Miami from last night, but I have also done a lot of networking and have contacted a few people about possible writing opportunities (non paid of course!) The kids are only at school 3 days this week so I am planning what to do with them on Thursday and Friday. 2 things we will definitely be doing is getting Z a haircut and taking both Z & K to get passport pictures done as their passports expire the week before my brothers wedding! I may also take them both to MaggieMoos and/or Stonycreek Farm

Happy Monday everyone!

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