Saturday, November 20, 2010

Build A Bear (or a bunny)

K has been wanting to go to Build A Bear Workshop for a really long time. We have taken her into the store and she has looked at the bears and the outfits you can get, but she's never bought anything. Last time we were at Castleton Mall I told her next time we were there I would take her to Build A Bear Workshop and she could choose a bear and we would buy it. (I think I may have been hoping she would forget but who am I kidding? 5 year olds never forget when you tell them they can get a new toy the next time you take them somewhere!) When she was last in the store she had chosen what she wanted to get so when we did go to buy it, it wouldn't take long. The store is called Build A Bear and K chooses a Bunny!

We pick up the bunny and then go to choose a sound for it to make. K almost chooses a meow sound but I tell her that a bunny would not meow so she settles for a giggle. She then chooses a heart, makes a wish and gives it a kiss before putting it in the bunnys tummy and watching it be filled with stuffing so it is just cuddly enough. Then she brushes it and chooses its new outfit. She opts for a ballerina outfit complete with pink underpants. We then complete the information on their computer so it has a birth certificate. Her Build A Bear bunny is now complete and its name is....'Bunny'. She's a very happy girl as she walks out the store carrying her box with her new bunny in it.

She also got a $10 gift card so I am sure she'll be back to choose more outfits for Bunny real soon!

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