Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating our Christmas Tree

I know it is not December until Wednesday but we got our tree yesterday. The coming weekends are going to be busy so this was the best time to get it done. Plus once Thanksgiving is over it seems that people around town take it at the best time to decorate for Christmas. I used to do the whole 12 days before/after Christmas but that seems to have gone out the window over the years.

We got our tree from the same place as last year and when we got home we got out the boxes with all the decorations, lights etc in them. At the moment we have 1 medium box and 1 small box (previously Amazon boxes that we received gifts in) with the decorations in them. If we stay here much longer, or actually move into a house, then we may need to rethink the storage.

It can be a major event getting the kids to decorate the tree properly. Of course it can be a major even trying to get the kids to do anything sometimes!

They like trying to rub all the glitter off the baubles. They like playing with the hooks to hang the baubles from the tree, that is when they are not hanging them from the tinsel. The like creating light effects on the wall with the tree lights. The like running around the room with the tinsel. The like putting on the Santa hats and not decorating the tree at all. After a bit of bickering they did help decorate. For a while all the baubles were being hung in one area but we then got a little stool for them to stand on so they could reach higher.

We had bought some outdoor lights and hooks last year but never got around to putting them up. We decided to try and put them up this year. We only had 1 box of outdoor lights so it was only enough to sort of drape them around the dining room window. (We don't live in a big house so there was no danger of us doing a Clark Griswold National Lampoon Christmas) I dread to think what the electricity bill is for some of the houses in the neighborhoods near us! Of course the outdoor decorations are not just limited to lights so people must spend a lot of figures and decorations for their yard/garage/porch/driveway.

After much muttering and cursing, the lights were semi secured around the  window. We managed to get the wreath on the door and stop the door sticking on the wreath hanger. Now to work out where to put the Christmas stockings. We don't have a mantle to hang them from.

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  1. Ha - I'm posting about the same thing right now! The first bauble out of the box (by 7 year old) landed in smithereens on the floor!
    I haven't really thought about outside yet though!


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