Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday on the Square: Christmas Lights

I mentioned in this post that Holiday on the Square was coming up and the Christmas lights in Carmel would be getting turned on. Well today was that day, so we donned our gloves and hands and headed down to Civic Square to see the lights be switched on.

We enjoyed a sausage slider and some lovely warm waffles with chocolate sauce whilst we were waiting. Here are some of the photos I took. It was the same man doing the balloons (Z chose a candy cane balloon again but K opted for a mouse!) that we saw and the line to see Santa was really long. We got some hot chocolate and a cookie just after we arrived and enjoyed wandering along the street looking at the Christmas Farmers Market.

I love Christmas and especially love seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations. I am looking forward to seeing houses decorated soon with lights as I drive around town. We will probably not decorate until after Thanksgiving and we will once again be getting a real Christmas tree. The kids loved choosing the real tree we got last year.

Some houses have very subtle lights but some have very over the top lights. I love them all. I'm hoping to take some pictures of houses decorated and of course I will take some of ours when we have our decorations up. (There won't be a lot of decorations but they'll be great all the same!)

Now the street Christmas lights are on, I'm sure it won't be too long before more and more homes are decorated. It will certainly brighten the streets and may make it easier to see where you're going at night. I'm still getting used to the dark streets when I'm driving at night.

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