Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Z has always liked school. He's always liked books. He doesn't always concentrate when he is there but he always likes going to school. His sister has not been the same. K only spent a few weeks at school in the UK when she was 4 before we came over to the US. She then spent pretty much a year at home with me as she was too young for school. I tried to get her interested in learning to write her name and learning the alphabet.  We did work on it and she did learn to write her name. She could even write it backwards, and by that not just in the reverse order but write the letters back to front like mirror writing. Move on to now and she can write her name. She can write sentences and recognizes numbers and can count over 100. I even heard her counting up by 5 a few days ago. She draws pictures that are full of color and it is very clear what or who is in the picture. (Her dad has taken a picture she did of herself and Z to put on his desk at work) She has been placed in the Title 1 program at school to get her reading to grade level, hopefully by the end of the year. Z was also in the Title 1 program when he was in KG but when we got his first 1st Grade report card it stated that he was almost at 2nd Grade reading level. When Z moved from 1st Grade to KG not long after we moved here, the school was great and made the whole process wonderfully smooth. It was the best decision we made for Z and he thrived in his new class.

At the moment both of my kids love going to school and I think it is a combination of the fact they are going to a great school and the teachers they have. K loves her teacher and is always talking about her. She was very excited when she found out that her teacher lived nearby and was hoping that she would see her when she was out trick or treating at Halloween. (She didn't)

Last night K was very ill. She was sick several times during the night and again a little bit when she woke up. (She had eaten something that did not agree with her. It's not a bug.) She was not happy that we said she was not going to be going to school and declared herself well enough to go to school. So she got herself dressed and ready for the school bus. I told her if she didn't feel well while she was at school she should tell a teacher and I could come and collect her. So far so good. No phone call saying she is ill. Tomorrow she has her first Girl Scout Troop meeting so I hope she is back 100% for it!

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