Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Kids woke ridiculously early and managed to open all their gifts in about 15 minutes. K loved her ballerina dress and dancing shoes as they co-ordinated her with her Build A Bear bunny. Z loved his books about dinosaurs and the ocean as well as the DVD "How To Train Your Dragon". Ben got the things he wanted (new jeans due to the fact his others are falling apart and headphones for his iPod so he would stop stealing mine)

We all ate too much food (I also drank too much wine) and then went out in the snow before having dessert. Kids then watched "Avatar" with Ben whilst I uploaded pics to Facebook. We spoke to our family in the UK on Skype and on the phone. Ben also called one of his friends in the UK and had a chat with him. We all had a good day and will be ready to do it all over 365 days!

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