Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1 = Winter = Christmas!

I am excited today. Can you guess why?!

Today is December 1. That means it is winter (I know it's not officially winter yet though). It also means that is is Christmas this month!

Today is the day we can start our advent calendars. We all have an advent calendar each this year. They are also UK advent calendars so the chocolate is edible!

We woke this morning to snow flurries. Ben decided against skating to the bus stop and that was probably a wise move. So he has taken the car. We have a 30% chance of flurries throughout the day. There is not as much snow on the ground as there is in the UK but there is some snow on the ground.

The kids decided they wanted to walk to school. Mainly because it was snowing and they wanted to catch snowflakes on their tongues! They enjoyed it and didn't once complain about the cold temperature. I just hope they bring home their hats and gloves today. Yesterday Z left 1 glove and his lunch box at school whilst K managed to leave her hat at school.

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