Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Prep

We got a little bit of snow yesterday. Not a lot. Just a dusting. We are due for a bit more snow on Friday and I am sure we will get a lot of snow before winter is out.

When we do get the snow I am sure I would have lots of use for these things that I saw in the L.L.Bean catalog I got in the mail yesterday. Although I am wondering if the snowball and snow block maker takes all the fun out of making snowballs and igloos!

I think I am still thinking about National Lampoons Christmas Vacation because I think this Sonic Saucer and Snow Tube would be loads of fun! I can just hear Z, K and Ben squealing with delight going down a snowy hill or lobbing a perfectly round snowball at someone then ducking into their recently made igloo!

Of course once it is all done and we are homeward bound, I am sure I would have a use for this and be able to enjoy a hot chocolate on the way home!

EDIT: I have just doscovered you can get a snowball slingshot! Not sure if it is dangerous or cool!

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