Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow School

Yesterday started with rain and then it snowed. It snowed last night too. It was also a little bit windy so snow was being blown all over the place. So glad I got a pair of decent snow boots last winter. It is easy to be miserable if you have cold feet but mine were lovely and toasty warm!

We got a phone call at about 7pm from the automated school notification system saying there would be a 2 hour delay to school starting. (That doesn't mean extra time in bed though as the kids still get up at stupid o'clock and they both said they wanted to walk to school!)

We woke this morning to a phone call at about 6.00am telling us that due to worsening weather overnight and road conditions that all schools in the Carmel Clay school district would be closed. Snow day for the kids! We had a load of snow piled up at our front door. (see pic on left) and a load of snow in the back yard. (see pic on right).

Ben decided to walk to the bus and not risk taking the car. We had a few dicey moments out yesterday when we skidded a few times and the wheels locked up on the car at one point too. I wasn't driving and I've no plan to go anywhere today! I am going to let the car sit in the ice cube it is currently in and worry about trying to clear it tomorrow when I have to go to the meeting about selling Girl Scout cookies.

Another thing that happened yesterday was K managed to hit her eye on the bathroom door handle! She was messing around with Z and he shut the bathroom door on her and she ran into the door handle. Her eye went all red and swollen and there was a little lump under her eye. She sat with a bag of frozen corn on it for a while and then went to bed. When she got up this morning it wasn't as bad as we feared. We thought she would have areal shiner but luckily it is just a little bruised under her eye and is not bothering her at all. I think she'll be more careful when running towards doors when her brother is behind them now!

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  1. I hate kids running around near doors. I know that sounds like I wrap them up in cotton wool but inevitably there's a badly jammed finger, or another type of accident. Hope it goes down in time for the Xmas photos - although that would make a great family story!


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