Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Daisies

Last night I had my 2nd Daisy Girl Scout Troop meeting. The girls all recited their Girl Scout Promise and got the petals they earned last time and the Promise Center along with their Daisy pin and a certificate.

We then made some holiday sugar cookies. The girls paired up and mixed everything together and then rolled it out before using various holiday cookie cutters to cut out a dozen or so cookies. There was a lot of flour used! I had made some with K earlier in the day that the girls could decorate whilst their were cooking. There were lots of sprinkles, frosting and icing brought by the moms and the girls really got into it. Some of the icing was a bit thick so K has a couple cookies that look like they have toothpaste on them! (The pictures I've added are a sample of K's cookies. Can you see how thick her decorating is?!) There were several cookies left that were not decorated so the girls took a little bag home with some in it for them to decorate at home with their parents/brothers/sisters etc. I just hope they don't eat them all at once! I also gave the girls 2 fun patches. One for baking and one for the holidays. They also got a copy of their Journey book. We are going to be doing 'Between Earth & Sky' and will be starting our 'journey' properly at the next meeting in January. I am also going to arrange a visit to a local Police and Fire Department to help the girls get their magenta petal. I am also hoping to get the girls planting trees for an Arbor Day event that is being held at the Monon Community Center and will help them earn their Clover award for their journey. I was nervous and apprehensive about being a Daisy Girl Scout leader but I am enjoying it and the girls seem to be too. The fact they all came back for the 2nd meeting made me very happy! I am going to cookie training on Tuesday next week and another mom has volunteered to go to the evening cookie training meeting too. It is going to be a combined effort getting our Daisies selling cookies. It doesn't matter how much they sell (although there are incentives) just the fact that they will do it is enough for me. It would have scared me senseless as a 5/6 year old to ask people to buy cookies from me but my little 5 year old really wants to do it and luckily she has a lot more nerve than I do! A picture of K in her Girl Scout uniform will be posted once I add her petals and patches to it.

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