Sunday, December 19, 2010


Z lost his 2nd tooth today, with a bit of help from daddy. There is a 3rd loose tooth but it is not ready to come out yet. Yes he does look tired in the picture but that is because he got to bed around midnight because we were at a Christmas party last night and we left very late. We also woke very late and I had the added benefit of having a headache. I guess that's what happens when you mix red wine, vodka jello shots and the beginnings of a cold! There was also a couple rounds of "The 12 Days of Christmas" which was very funny, complete with laminated cards!

We were at a Christmas party on Friday at Ben's work and we all came away with gifts  after playing a game. Z got a train set, K got a sock monster making kit, Ben got a digital Scrabble game and I got headphones. We also spent about 30 minutes looking for the car as we forgot where we parked it in the Circle Center and ended up in the wrong part of the car park! K went to the party dressed as Santa and discovered that if she rubbed the side of her head along the couch her hair would stand on end from all the static electricity!

We had been looking for a train set to get Z for his birthday but hadn't found anything we thought he would like. Now we don't need to. K really wants me to make her the sock creature that she got but it involves a lot of cutting, measuring and sewing. I am not good with a needle and thread, that's why all K's Girl Scout patches are iron on!

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