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Indiana State Fair

The kids go back to school on August 10th and the Indiana State Fair starts the weekend before. I've already said we can go out for a special 'back to school dinner' next week but I think they would probably like to go to the State Fair too. I have never been to one before so have no idea what it will be like. If anything it would be a new experience for us all and an interesting day out. The information on the website says tickets for adults are $8 and kids under 5 are free. What about kids over 5? I wonder if K could pass for being under 5? She is only just 5.


How many people have their OH call them to make sure that they are not in jail? Mine just did that very thing! Apparently he had a collect call from someone in Hamilton County Jail and he was to 'press 1' to accept the call. He hung up and then called my cell phone. He seemed relieved when I answered as I was the only person he knew that could possibly be calling him collect! I quite confidently said that no I am not in jail! I hope the person who made the collect call does actually get through to the right number!

Swimming and Meeting

The kids have been going to the Monon Center for swim lessons this week. They started on Monday and are going every day until tomorrow. Z has his lesson first and K has her lesson right after. On the first day Z seemed a bit apprehensive and not at all like the boy I usually see around a swimming pool. His instructor Sarah was great with him. She made sure he was at ease in the pool as best she could and afterwards came and spoke to me to see if there was anything she should know about him and his swimming abilities. Z said the water was cold and that is why he acted the way he did! After talking with him, and bribing him to do better in his next lesson, the next 2 lessons went a lot better. After tomorrows lesson he will be going on Tuesdays after school so I hope he will continue to do well. K on the other hand was champing at the bit to get in the water. She got bored very quickly waiting with me for her lesson to start. Sarah who was Z's instructor was also who K got. There wa…

Life In a Day

Getting off the Expat subject for a moment, I thought I would share something that I did yesterday. I went on YouTube a few days ago to upload something and I noticed a mention of something called Life in a Day
Basically Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald and putting together a full length movie showing a day in the life of people around the world. I decided to film something on my cell phone and have uploaded it for consideration. If it makes it to the finished movie then I get a 'co-director' credit! They are also choosing 20 people to attend the premiere at the Sundance festival in January.

While I am not expecting for one minute that what I shot will be included in Life in a Day I found it a really interesting idea that I just had to be part of. If, by chance, you happened to film something on July 24 2010 then you could submit it to be considered for part of the movie. Everything has to be uploaded by July 31 2010.

Heat Index

I am sure if I was looking at a map on the UK for today it would not have the same colors as this one does! I think I will stay indoors today with the kids and enjoy the A/C. At the moment (noon) it is 88°F but feels like 98°F!

I've taken the kids out on their bikes already this morning. Thought it wise to get out early before it got too hot for them. They went round the block a few times. Z, who absolutely hated it when he first got his bike, was zooming around the place. He was brilliant. Even when he fell off his bike he jumped up, put his arms in the air and shouted at me "I'm alright!" (I was further down up the street with Katie) Z's balance has improved a lot and I can tell his confidence has too. I don't think it will be long until we take the training wheels off his bike. Ben has a friend coming to see him today after work and they are going out on the beer in Broad Ripple and are crashing at a friends house. He expects to back in the afternoon tomor…

9 Months

On July 29th 2010 we will have been living in Carmel, Indiana for 9 months. A lot can happen in 9 months. It is not a huge amount of time but it has been just enough for the lives of my family to be changed and turned upside down.

9 months ago I was still in Northampton, England with my 2 children. Ben had already left the UK 3 weeks before and was trying to get the apartment habitable for our arrival. He had to get it furnished and ready for us whilst also going to work in his new job in Indianapolis. I was up to my neck in packing boxes and trying to cram as much as I could into 6 huge suitcases without making them too heavy and going over the weight allowance that the airline set. I was trying to get everything else in our house in the UK packed up and cleaned so it could go into storage in various locations. I had to keep checking I knew where our passports were as I was paranoid that I would pack them with something and they would end up in an attic and me having a nervous breakdo…

July 18

Today I turned 34. I don't feel 34. I feel like I am still in my mid 20s. This was the first birthday I have spent in the US. I have had a few other birthdays abroad but this is the first in America.

It started well when I was taken out last night for a meal with a group of friends. I thought it was just going to be me and Ben but I was pleased to find out that we would be joined by Sian, David, Lisa and Rob. We left the kids with Sian and Davids son Oli and we went to an Indian restaurant called The Amber. I ordered the chicken jalfrezi and asked for it to be spicy as I like hot food. Ben ordered chicken tikka and asked for it to be medium as he is not that keen on hot food but is getting better. He used to always have kormas. David ordered a vindaloo and I must admit I have always been a bit scared to eat one of those as I thought it would be too hot. As it turns out Bens meal was the hottest, followed by mine and I thought Davids was quite mild! Very odd but very nice. Once we h…

This Is All I Have To Say Today

Cooking Outside so Cooking Inside

There is a heat advisory for Carmel at the moment, there has also been a severe thunderstorm watch added to the warnings I have just noticed. As I type this it is just after 1.30pm and the temperature outside is, according to the Weather Channel, 89°F but feels like 100°F. I took the kids to the park earlier so they could run around and wear themselves out and not wear me out later. After being at the park for a while I was feeling the heat and decided that perhaps the kids were feeling it more so it would be a good idea to get them out of the sun. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart and then Marsh before we came home again. Part of the heat advisory is that they recommend you stay indoors and in an air conditioned room. No problem there.
As we are not going to be going out again this afternoon, I decided to do some baking. As the kids have been a lot better behaved than they were yesterday I thought it would be nice to make a Rice Krispies treat and opted for their Chocolate Yummies. The…

14th Best Place in USA to Live

Well, it's gone. Now we wait.

 I sent an email this morning with a Word document attachment. It took ages to write and loads of research on the t'internet. It was a very important email and now we have to wait for the response. It has been sent to Ben's bosses. It is basically asking them to sponsor us for green cards. I outline why we want them to do it and what the advantages are for it. (Advantages for both them and us but mainly us!)
It costs a lot of $$ to apply for a green card and it can be very complicated. There is one matter that needs to be clarified first and depending on what that turns out to be, will have a bearing on everything else.
Fingers crossed they agree with our points and agree to sponsor us. It does not mean that we would never be back in the UK. Of course we will visit. We have friends and family there and we still want to see them. (They can also visit us here)
I will update here as soon as I know anything. I hope it will be with good news.

Hot and Busy Days

It has been a bit warm and sunny here recently. I believe it has also been a bit warm and sunny back in the UK recently. I think this may even have been the first year in ages that play at Wimbledon was not interrupted by rain. (Not sure if it is nice in the UK at the moment though!) I check the weather report most days to see what is in store and today there was a 'special weather statement'. (There have been these before but I have not blogged about them.) 
So, today we actually have 2 special weather statements. The first warns us that it will be hot and humid today and the second warns of strong thunderstorms on the way.

I think if there were to be these kind of alerts in the UK, it would primarily be that the weather was grey, damp and drizzly.I went to lunch yesterday with the kids and some other Expats. We went to Muldoon's on Main Street in Carmel. The kids were actually well behaved and ate most of their food. I think I will take them again but will also take Ben wi…

CarmelFest 2010 is here!

 We have enjoyed a day at CarmelFest and the CarmelFest Parade. I have downloaded all the pictures to my Facebook page and Facebook fanpage. If you can't get to see them there and would like to see some more, please let me know and I will add some here. I was going to put them all on my Flickr page but I have met my monthly photo upload limit after adding photos from our day at Indianapolis Zoo and the day at CarmelFest. Not got enough space to add parade photos too. 
I have had LOADS of people find my blog by searching for CarmelFest. If that is how you got here then please leave a message and let me know what you think of my blog and photos. I am new to Carmel and am still getting familiar with the town and what it has to offer.