Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Wish List

In no particular order these are what I wish for during the next 12 months. (OK I admit some are a bit materialistic but hey, it's a 'wish list'!)

1. For us to start on the path to getting a green card

2. The kids to remain happy & healthy.

3. A new bag, I love bags, perhaps like this one.

4. A pair of ridiculous shoes that I'll probably only wear once, a bit like these maybe?

5. A new(er) car, but in wish land I would love one of these!

6. To lose about 50lbs in weight. I've lost 20lbs since arriving here and 2lbs in the last week! To help me I joined here.

7. Another tattoo, I know this is one that Ben will not like as he hates tattoos but I'm a grown woman and it's my choice!

8. A new TV, a bit like this one.

9. My Daisy Girl Scouts to enjoy their time in the Troop.

10. That you continue to read this blog.

11. A camcorder like this one.


  1. You've LOST weight since coming to the States. That doesn't happen very often. Well done!

  2. I lost weight when I first moved here, mostly because I found the bread, cheese, chocolate and most other things to be gross.
    As my taste buds adapted and I consume things like bread and baked beans that have loads of SUGAR added, I have steadily got fatter and fatter.

    lol at the tattoo.... I won't let mu DH read this. He wants more and I keep saying no :-)


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