Monday, January 24, 2011

Elementary Cheer Clinic at Carmel High School Friday January 21 2011

As you can see from the previous post K took part in the Elementary Cheer  Clinic at Carmel High School on Friday. I dropped her off at the school at 3.45pm and left her with the cheerleaders so they could practice their routine for later in the evening.

 I returned with Ben and Z around 6.30pm and we sat and watched the basketball players warm up and then the start of the JV game. Z was very impressed with the skill the basketball players had and how they got the ball in the basket. (Maybe he will want to try playing it himself one day?!) We moved around the court a few times as the band arrived and we thought they might be a bit too loud to sit near!

K came out with all the cheerleaders and other girls that were taking part in the clinic and sat on the bleachers as they waited for half time in the JV game. All the girls then went on the court and did their routines. The girls in KG did a routine, then the 1st & 2nd Grade girls did a routine followed by 3rd & 4th Grade before the 5th Grade girls finished. They then all did a dance, again with different bits for the different grades before all going off the court together. Z enjoyed watching all the older cheerleaders doing their cheers. He sat watching them with a little grin on his face the whole time! K had some pizza and a cookie whilst she was there practicing so Z got to have a hot dog from the concession stand. Before we were able to leave K had to get her shirt signed by a few of the HS cheerleaders and they also signed her guidebook she got. (It had all the cheers in it). K has said she wants to do the Cheer Clinic next year at the High School and that she wants to do cheerleading with Carmel Dads Club again in the Fall.

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