Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flower Girls & Pinewood Racers

Saturday morning found us all at Carmel United Methodist Church for Z's Boy Scout Pack Pinewood Derby Race. Ben had spent a great deal of time cursing as he tried to shape a block of wood into something resembling a car for Z to race. (Looking at some of the cars there it was clear to me that the parents had made the cars and the boys had nothing to do with it. Z did actually help make his car.) We had to make a trip to Menards so he could get the tools needed to actually make it. It has been suggested to me since the race that next year we simply paint the car a brownish red color, stencil the letters ACME to it, put on the wheels and leave it as that! We went to the race and Z got a patch for taking part, although I am not sure that he is actually allowed to put it on his uniform. There was a lot of faffing around and Z began to get bored. Eventually when they got started Z's Den were first to race and as he did not win his races he did not progress to the next stage so we were able to leave. 

We then went to our friend Lisa's house as she had offered us a dress for K to wear to my brothers wedding. She saw my post on my FB profile showing the dress K had chosen online and Lisa said she had 2 dresses her daughter had worn to weddings when she was K's age. K tried the 2 dresses on and one of them fit her like a glove. She looked so pretty. Now we have to get her the coat and shoes then she is all done. Z is getting his kilt when we are in Edinburgh and Ben is taking the kilt he has over with us. So, that leaves me. I need to get an outfit. I don't mind shopping for jeans, sweaters etc but fancy outfits for events is something else altogether. I feel like a big fat heifer and never see anything I like. I feel like I am playing dress up and that I look ridiculous. I am going to have to get over this as it is my brothers wedding and I will need to make an effort. I seriously doubt I will be able to hide in the background and avoid having my picture taken! I have looked on the Macy's website and looked at a few things. There are 2 dresses that I liked the look of (this one and this one) but they were both black and I'm not sure if black is a good color to wear to a wedding. This is exactly why the last dress I wore was my wedding dress and that was over 9 years ago!

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