Friday, January 28, 2011

Just The Way They Are

Yesterday evening I had to pick up Ben from the bus stop at Meijer so he could stay at home with Z whilst I took K on the police visit.

I drove to Meijer and we sat in the car in the car park and waited for the bus to arrive. Usually we sit and play 'I Spy' to pass the time. It helps both kids with their spelling and it passes time. Yesterday though they were not playing fair and K was 'I Spying' things that she thought would be inside Meijer! I told her we had to actually be able to see whatever it was from where we were sat in the car. Z did come up with one that was very clever. He said "I spy with my little eye something beginning with J" and after much guessing I gave up. It turned out it was the sign for the 'J' section of the car park! They eventually decided they didn't want to play anymore and asked me to put the radio on. We have a minivan and have taken the back 2 seats out to give us a bit more room to cart stuff around, so there is a bit of space in the back that the kids went to play in. All of a sudden I look in the rear view mirror and K is dancing away in the back of the car, pulling crazy expressions on her face and mouthing some of the words to a song that is playing on the radio. Z was looking at her with a slightly bemused look on his face before he joined in too. Once the song finished they practically demanded that I go through all the radio stations to see if the song was playing anywhere else. It wasn't but they decided that they liked another song that was on. However, this is the song that K really liked. Maybe I should make them a playlist on my iPod and let them dance like crazy every so often.

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