Friday, January 28, 2011

United States of Awesome & United States of Shame

I saw these maps originally on another website but I looked for the originals and I found this map here

And this map here.

Comments?! Even though I am posting these pics it does not mean I agree with the information provided within them. No clue on the basis of the information or where any statistics (if any) may have been collated from.


  1. Oh Lord - Illinois is best at being average! And Robbery is the other one- although I don't know whether it means we are the worst at Robbery (a good thing) or the best (Which I suspect is the one it means.)

  2. I'm all good with the 'best' map, but the 'worst' map, not so much. Some of those are completely subjective. Like, North Dakota has the ugliest people or Maine has the dumbest. Totally someone's opinion. I'm not sure I agree with Minnesota having the most tornadoes. I think that honor goes to Oklahoma, or somewhere in Tornado Alley.

  3. I'm not surprised about Indiana being the least green, given how much of the economy is driven by industry. And I'm totally laughing at Maine being the "dumbest"-- I wonder if that's someone's joke? If so, it's a good one-- given our polarizing political climate, for a northeast blue state to be the dumbest and not a middle red state is priceless. :)


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