Monday, February 28, 2011

Glitter & Cookies

Sunday was to be our day selling cookies at a booth at a local grocery store. So on Saturday K and I decided to make a poster to advertise our goods. We decided to use glitter and K designed the poster. We then had fun with glue and glitter. Ben hates glitter with a passion. It gets everywhere and just when you think you have cleared it all up, you find more!

On Sunday morning we loaded the car with all the Girl Scout cookies, table, chairs, a tub with change, our sign and our sign. Our slot was 10am until 1pm. 2 girls and 2 adults are allowed to be on the booth at any one time so as the Troop has 4 girls we could have K on the booth for the whole 3 hours with me and each other girl could do an hour. As it turned out only 2 other girls did the booth and one of those girls had just recovered from flu! The first girl who spent just under 2 hours with K was fabulous. She was confident and asked everyone if they would like to buy cookies. K was a little shy for a while but she also asked people if they would like cookies. The third girl, the one who had been ill, also asked (with the help of her dad) people if they would like cookies. I think some people were very surprised to see a guy at a Girl Scout cookie booth and I have to admit every time I have seen a Girl Scout cookie booth it has only had females working on it. (Boy Scout popcorn booths on the other hand were mainly staffed by males. Not at all surprising really!)

Each girl was polite, friendly, smiled, gave change and stayed by the booth. There was no messing around or girls acting out. Everyone was very well behaved. My favorite moment was when one passer by was asked if he would like to buy cookies and he said no, however his wife said yes as the girls were so cute. He stood there rolling his eyes saying "We don't need any more Thin Mints"! We definetly benefited from having super cute girls! The girls sold about 45 boxes of cookies and got 3 donations for Operation Cookie Drop for the military troops.

I still have Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Do Si Do's left if anyone in the Carmel area would like to buy some cookies from us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorted for wedding!

I have finally got my outfit for my brothers wedding in a few weeks. There are a couple accessories I need to get but the dress, yes dress, and shoes have been bought.

I went to Macy's yesterday and after trying on a few dresses and getting fed up with feeling like a big fat moo every time I looked in the 4 way mirror in the changing room, I settled on a raspberry colored dress with silver embellishments on it. The tag said it was originally $179 but was reduced to $62.65. When we went to pay for it the lady at the till said a total and Ben swiped his card. I then looked at the receipt and saw it said the dress was over $80 and over $90 with sales tax. I made a point of untying the dress bag and showing her the tag on the dress. She then rung it through again at the correct price. and the total was now just over $70. Much better!

Today we went to DSW and I chose a pair of shoes. Originally they were listed at $99.99 but the sticker on the box said they were now $69.95 but when the cashier rung them up at the till the total was $48.96! Dress and shoes for just over $100! Not bad especially when Ben told me he had been thinking $100 for dress and $100 for shoes! We will also be getting a $10 coupon in the mail from DSW soon for signing up for their discounts by mail thingy.

So, anyone who knows me will know that I am really out of my comfort zone with this outfit and shoes. However, I have been told I am not allowed to wear jeans, t-shirt and trainers to the wedding. I will come to harm if I do! Plus it is not every day your little brother gets married so I am making an exception. I will probably end up carrying the shoes around with me but I will wear them in the photos, then all my brothers friends can comment on his mental sister when the photos are printed!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I enjoy writing. I enjoy writing this blog and sharing what we are up to. It was started with the intention to share our experiences here with family back in the UK. I post pictures of my husband and children along with the occasional picture of myself. (I don't like having my picture taken)

I have statistics on my blog that show me how people find it, what pages they go to and what pictures they look at. Should I be concerned that people are finding my blog by performing searches for 5 year old blonde girls? Should I worry that people spend 30+ minutes looking at the pictures of my 5 year old daughter? What should I make of people that regularly visit the blog but do not comment?

This blog's purpose is to tell the story of my family and their transition from the UK to the USA for however long the duration of our stay here is.

To all of my visitors, please occasionally say something. Let me know if you have enjoyed reading or if you would like me to write about something specific. If people continue to spend a long time looking at pictures of my children and not commenting on anything, then I may have to consider to stop posting pictures of them and only post generic pictures of places we have been.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saturday morning I went to Noblesville with a mom of one of my Daisy Girl Scouts to pick up our initial Girl Scout cookie order. We got there 30 minutes early and managed to get back to her house before our actual pick up time! We sorted out the cookies into piles for each girl and then she gave me a lift home with K's order. The other girls will get their first order on Thursday at our next Troop meeting. We have some surplus cookies and I am sure we will be able to sell those. Ben has someone at his work who wants to buy 5 packages but told us after we had placed the initial order so I need to add him to the order form. On Monday I am going to try to sort out a Cookie booth for the girls to sell at.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I have never been prone to throat problems. Ben had problems with his tonsils and ended up having them removed the week before K turned 1. The kids have luckily been quite lucky with their health too. (If we forget for a moment that K only has Multicystic Displastic Kidney and therefore only 1 functioning kidney)

Yesterday Z was complaining of a sore throat and he was a bit warm to the touch even though he was saying he was cold. This morning he woke later than usual and said he hadn't slept well and he felt quite feverish. He sounded quite croaky and after taking his temperature, which was slightly high, we decided it best if he stayed home from school.

I got K ready for school and asked her what she wanted me to make her for lunch. She said a peanut butter sandwich with no jelly. (This is 7.30am). She has some breakfast and then I take her to get the school bus. Fast forward to 11am and I get a phone call from the school nurse. K has gone to see her saying her head hurts and her throat hurts. The nurse has looked at her throat and said it looks a bit pink but she does not have a high temperature. K had told her she had only eaten her yogurt and that she no longer likes peanut butter! She asks if K can stay in school a little longer as K had just eaten, she was unable to take her temperature under her tongue. The nurse says it is possible that K has strep throat! Joy! She is going to call me back later to let me know how K is and if I need to go and collect her. What a great start to the weekend! I am collecting the Girl Scout cookie order I placed tomorrow morning but beyond that it looks like we will be having a quite weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I just signed up for Groupon. I had heard about it before but didn't actually sign up for emails etc. Today I decided I would. I'll let you know how it goes and if I get any good deals! I do like to save money when it comes to shopping etc!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dora & Diego

On Saturday February 5th we were going to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for the Donor Preview Event for the new Dora & Diego Exhibit that was opening. We had gotten our invitation a few weeks before and it said the preview opened at 8am and we could get breakfast between 8am - 9am. They also said there would be 'special guests' there so we should remember to take our camera, my money was on Dora & Diego being there.

There had been ice and snow in the days leading up to Saturday but we didn't think it would be too bad on Saturday morning, even though the Weather Channel had been saying there would be a chance for snow again. (I had been out on Friday evening so didn't watch the weather reports for Saturday)

We woke up early on Saturday and got ready to leave at 7.30am. We opened our front door to be met with consistent and steady snow fall. It was apparent the snow had been falling for a few hours. The roads had not yet been cleared. Urg. We decided against going along Meridian and thought the freeway would be better. Erm, it didn't turn out that way and we passed about 5 accidents on our way to the museum.

We arrived at the museum at about 8.20am and managed to see the 'special guests' (Dora & Diego) before having breakfast. It was just as well we got K's picture taken with the characters early in the day as by 9.30am the line to have your picture taken with them was really long and it snaked all the way around the 2nd level!

We looked around the exhibit and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Z decided  he was probably a little bit too old for it and he went to look at other stuff with his dad whilst K stayed with me at it. Eventually we left and went to look at other things in the museum. Ben even managed to have a Skype phone call with one of his friends in the UK whilst we were going round the different exhibits.

We left at about 1pm and got home around 2pm. It was still snowing and the roads were still a bit slick. We came back on the freeway again. We had to dig out a space to park the car when we got home as the snow had gotten quite deep. There was about 5" of snow on top of all the snow and ice that had accumulated from the winter storm on Monday-Wednesday! No more snow please! I think we are all ready for Spring. Plus I still have to get my outfit for the wedding and I don't want to be driving around the place in snow and ice!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


On the afternoon of Monday January 31st the winter ice storm started. On Wednesday the winter ice storm finished. The kids have not been at school since Monday. They are hoping to go back to school on Friday.

On Tuesday I went out to the car and had a look at home much ice was on it. There was this much ice (see pic on left). It doesn't look too bad but when it covers the entire car it is more than enough!

Today is Thursday February 3rd and I have just spent over an hour trying to clear the ice from the car. (I also helped a neighbor move their car after they got stuck. The ice on the car is now this thick (see pic on right)! It is not completely gone but the front and rear windows are cleared and the doors can be opened.

I am due to drive to Indianapolis tomorrow to get Ben from work so he can drop me at Castelton Square Mall and then watch the kids so I can go out for dinner and a movie with some friends. There is one teeny tiny problem that I need to sort out, besides my fear of driving on the car park that is effectively an ice rink, the wheels of the car are stuck to the ground by ice. I am not sure what I should do. Should I pour boiling water around the wheels to free them from their ice prison?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Ice Storm (part 1)

Yesterday saw the start of the winter ice storm that the weather forecasters have been going on about for a few days. It snowed. It rained, There was sleet and there was freezing rain. School was cancelled in Carmel today and the public library is also closed. Actually school seems to have been cancelled everywhere in Central Indiana today. Ben is attempting to work from home as his boss advised everyone not to risk the journey into Indianapolis. The 2nd wave of the storm is due to hit this afternoon and continue into tomorrow. We still have power, for now. However, as everything runs on electricity, I am not sure what we'll do it the power does go out!

I have just been outside to check the car and see how icy it actually is. I did try to go out and put the trash in the dumpster but it was frozen shut! Trash pick ups have been cancelled for today anyway.

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