Monday, February 7, 2011

Dora & Diego

On Saturday February 5th we were going to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for the Donor Preview Event for the new Dora & Diego Exhibit that was opening. We had gotten our invitation a few weeks before and it said the preview opened at 8am and we could get breakfast between 8am - 9am. They also said there would be 'special guests' there so we should remember to take our camera, my money was on Dora & Diego being there.

There had been ice and snow in the days leading up to Saturday but we didn't think it would be too bad on Saturday morning, even though the Weather Channel had been saying there would be a chance for snow again. (I had been out on Friday evening so didn't watch the weather reports for Saturday)

We woke up early on Saturday and got ready to leave at 7.30am. We opened our front door to be met with consistent and steady snow fall. It was apparent the snow had been falling for a few hours. The roads had not yet been cleared. Urg. We decided against going along Meridian and thought the freeway would be better. Erm, it didn't turn out that way and we passed about 5 accidents on our way to the museum.

We arrived at the museum at about 8.20am and managed to see the 'special guests' (Dora & Diego) before having breakfast. It was just as well we got K's picture taken with the characters early in the day as by 9.30am the line to have your picture taken with them was really long and it snaked all the way around the 2nd level!

We looked around the exhibit and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Z decided  he was probably a little bit too old for it and he went to look at other stuff with his dad whilst K stayed with me at it. Eventually we left and went to look at other things in the museum. Ben even managed to have a Skype phone call with one of his friends in the UK whilst we were going round the different exhibits.

We left at about 1pm and got home around 2pm. It was still snowing and the roads were still a bit slick. We came back on the freeway again. We had to dig out a space to park the car when we got home as the snow had gotten quite deep. There was about 5" of snow on top of all the snow and ice that had accumulated from the winter storm on Monday-Wednesday! No more snow please! I think we are all ready for Spring. Plus I still have to get my outfit for the wedding and I don't want to be driving around the place in snow and ice!

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