Monday, February 28, 2011

Glitter & Cookies

Sunday was to be our day selling cookies at a booth at a local grocery store. So on Saturday K and I decided to make a poster to advertise our goods. We decided to use glitter and K designed the poster. We then had fun with glue and glitter. Ben hates glitter with a passion. It gets everywhere and just when you think you have cleared it all up, you find more!

On Sunday morning we loaded the car with all the Girl Scout cookies, table, chairs, a tub with change, our sign and our sign. Our slot was 10am until 1pm. 2 girls and 2 adults are allowed to be on the booth at any one time so as the Troop has 4 girls we could have K on the booth for the whole 3 hours with me and each other girl could do an hour. As it turned out only 2 other girls did the booth and one of those girls had just recovered from flu! The first girl who spent just under 2 hours with K was fabulous. She was confident and asked everyone if they would like to buy cookies. K was a little shy for a while but she also asked people if they would like cookies. The third girl, the one who had been ill, also asked (with the help of her dad) people if they would like cookies. I think some people were very surprised to see a guy at a Girl Scout cookie booth and I have to admit every time I have seen a Girl Scout cookie booth it has only had females working on it. (Boy Scout popcorn booths on the other hand were mainly staffed by males. Not at all surprising really!)

Each girl was polite, friendly, smiled, gave change and stayed by the booth. There was no messing around or girls acting out. Everyone was very well behaved. My favorite moment was when one passer by was asked if he would like to buy cookies and he said no, however his wife said yes as the girls were so cute. He stood there rolling his eyes saying "We don't need any more Thin Mints"! We definetly benefited from having super cute girls! The girls sold about 45 boxes of cookies and got 3 donations for Operation Cookie Drop for the military troops.

I still have Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Do Si Do's left if anyone in the Carmel area would like to buy some cookies from us.

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